How to Make Moving Long Distance for College Easier

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  • Going to college is a huge step in a young person’s life. Whether you are moving a half hour from home or three hours, the change will be an adjustment at first. Those that move long distance to college have to mentally and physically prepare themselves for a successful transition.

    Pack Early

    In today’s society, young students take many things to college that will remind them of home. Students also have bigger rooms to live in and therefore need more things, i.e. refrigerators, microwaves, televisions, etc. To prepare yourself to move, BC Alberta movers suggests that you take your time when you start packing, and start packing early! Nobody wants to rush themselves when packing. There’s a good chance you might forget something. Start packing away things you know you will need as soon as possible. Pack the things that you do not use currently first.

    Use Sturdy Boxes

    Movers suggest that you have many very sturdy boxes to help you with your long distance move. Some boxes come apart easily, so be sure that you have boxes that are strong and will hold your items. If you can use plastic storage tubs, those are even better for moving long distances. You can buy sturdy boxes to use from any mover that is located in your area.


    You should try to stay organized! Keep track of the things that you have already packed. This way you won’t be wondering where those items went. You can also keep the boxes organized by writing on the outside of them. Put items that are similar together. You probably wouldn’t pack your underwear with your roller blades.

    Packing Fragile Items

    Going to college you might not have a lot of fragile items that you are packing. But, if you do have any fragile items, it is best to wrap them with newspaper or bubble wrap. This will keep the fragile items from breaking. Be sure to label the box that they are packed in as "fragile".

    Packing Liquids

    The same goes for packing any liquids. Pack all liquids together and label the box with liquids on the outside. Liquids should not be left in extreme heat or extreme cold. They can freeze or blow up in the heat and cold. If you can, pack all liquids last. It will make things much easier.

    Savannah Coulsen is a freelance  writer. She lives in Raleigh. Savannah loves to read and write and she hopes to write a novel someday. Savannah also loves learning and is a self-proclaimed health guru. Savannah got information for this article from BC Alberta movers.

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