5 Summer Jobs Every College Student Should Consider

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  • The sun is shining. The birds are singing. You can finally say goodbye to that tyrant of a professor in your calculus class. Before you camp out on the couch and spend the next three months vegging on Netflix, however, you should know that your summer break is a great time to earn a little money for the upcoming semester. Too many students are too lax when it comes to their summers and end up paying for it, literally, when the next semester comes around. Luckily, here are five summer job ideas for college students that can help you on your way.

    1: Tutor

    Keep your skills sharp by becoming a tutor during your break. Almost every university have a tutor program set up and this can be a blessing for those students who feel proficient in a certain subject. But don’t restrict yourself to just your college. The local school district can have tutor possibilities for students of all ages. The kids in summer school are exactly the ones who need help the most, and you can also find employment among high schoolers getting an early start on SAT/ACT prep. You can even expand your services to include adults looking to get their GEDs. The possibilities are endless; someone out there is always striving to learn more.

    2: Ridesharing

    Looking to put a few miles on your car? Sign up with a ridesharing service and spend your summer chauffeuring people to and from their appointments. There are many ridesharing opportunities online in major cities but if you don’t have a professional system in your city, you can start one yourself! You’ll need auto insurance and a good driving record to qualify, but it’s a job that can be done anywhere at any time, and the pay is high enough to start paying back some of those student loans.

    3: Nanny

    Nannies can earn top dollar during the summer months when young kids are out of school. Parents can’t put their careers on hold just because little Billy isn’t occupied from 8-3 anymore, but day camps will only last so many hours of the day. Make yourself available as a summer nanny if you want to earn good money for the same services you provided as a teenage babysitter.

    4: Painting

    Expend a little creativity after a long semester spent buried in textbooks. Not only will house painting get you out of the dorms and into the sunshine, but you can also find companies that exclusively hire students, like Student Works Painting, allowing you to share the fun with like-minded individuals. If you like working with your hands in a rewarding position then this route is certainly for you.

    5: Bartender

    Bartending is a lucrative career for young people because of the nice tips, flexible scheduling and free or discounted drinks. But it’s hard to work nights when you have an early morning lit class. Bartending is best left as a summer job, one where you can work hard, enjoy yourself and save a little cash for the upcoming school year.

    These are just five jobs for the college student on summer vacation. Whether you’re an upcoming sophomore or a graduating senior, these tasks should keep you busy until it’s time to return to school.

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