Six Tips To Help College Students Keep Dorm And Apartment Clutter To A Minimum

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  • Clutter in an apartment or college dorm can create stress and make it difficult to find important items and get homework done. Furthermore, it may prevent thorough cleaning and increase the risk of pest problems. Most university students have relatively little living space, so they often struggle to minimize clutter. These tips can help:

    Choose the right furniture

    Cabinets and desks with numerous drawers allow students to designate separate spaces for each type of item. If a drawer is too large, it will only hide a cluttered mess. File cabinets are good for sorting documents and financial statements but not for storing books, electronics or food.

    Use plastic bins and trays

    A student may create more storage space by using several trays and bins. Some dollar stores sell these products at little expense. A desk organizer or a few trays and cups can help neaten a cluttered desktop. Labeled plastic containers are handy for office and art supplies with many small pieces.

    Use stackable furnishings

    Some entertainment, computer and kitchen equipment can be stacked to save space and prevent clutter. For example, a front-loading CD or DVD player has this capability, but a top-loading unit can only be placed on top of other items. Any extra chairs should also be stackable. College students should also consider storage furniture for a space for extra items without looking cluttered.

    Make organizing a habit

    People with cluttered homes often let things pile up until they become difficult to organize. When possible, it’s best to put things away, file papers and sort household items as part of a normal everyday routine. For example, try to attend to each day’s mail before the next day arrives.

    Maximize vertical space

    An apartment or dorm room contains far more cubic feet than square feet. College students may avoid clutter with the help of things like corkboards, pegboards, refrigerator magnets and wall-mounted phones or TVs. However, it’s still important to organize vertical surfaces.

    Rent a storage unit

    Some people simply have more belongings than they can safely fit in small apartments or dorms. One affordable solution is to put some of these possessions in a nearby self-storage facility, suggest the experts at Yellowhead Self Storage. The items may be retrieved for occasional use or kept until a larger home is obtained.

    Many university students have roommates, which frequently complicates clutter reduction. Apartment dwellers who can screen their roommates may benefit from asking questions about organization and ascertaining how much "stuff" a person plans to bring. Roommates can decrease clutter by sharing small appliances, computer accessories and cooking utensils.

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