Eight Steps to Jump-Start Your Day

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  • To have a productive day everybody has some routines and steps, which makes his day have a jump-start. Besides the usual activities you can start your day with some cleaning tasks which will make your workday pass more effectively. Besides taking a shower, brushing your teeth and dressing up for work, you can quickly clean your bed, coffee machine, table and the things you have use before you go to work so that your day starts well. Following a routine of tasks you do every day will make you get used to doing them in time, without forgetting any.

    Here are the things you need to do after you get up in the morning:

    • check your list with tasks for the day and after completing each task, tick it on the list
    • do some exercises
    •  take a shower
    •  have a breakfast
    • do some meditation or focus on positive thoughts
    • choose the clothes you will wear
    • clean after yourself before you leave your home
    • do a new list of the activities you have to do for the next day

    If you keep a list with tasks you need to take care of during the day, you will be more effective and won’t forget anything. Put a tick sign next to each activity you have completed. Make a list of the things you should do for the next day. This will make you more organized and effective through the whole day.

    Making exercises in the morning gives you positive energy, you will need the whole day long to cope with all your work. By doing some physical exercises you can increase your stamina. Some stretching or yoga exercises are perfect for waking up and gathering some energy for the day. If you prefer you can lift weights or do other types of exercises. These are healthy activities which will improve your physical condition and give you energy from the start of the day. After the exercises take a shower to wash your body from the perspiration and toxins.

    You can take a shower immediately after you get up or after the exercises you do. Showers early in the morning are the perfect way to wake your body for the coming day. It will refresh you and prepare you for the things you have to take care of during the day. After exercises it is necessary to clean your body from the sweat and toxins.

    Have a healthy breakfast of proteins containing foods like eggs and meat and something healthy like whole grains and  fruits. You can eat it in your porch or inside, but it’s important to eat slowly. The healthy breakfast will give you vital energy you will need for the whole day. 

    When you get up your thoughts about the upcoming day should be entirely positive. You need to fight with negative thoughts, telling you that your day will be tiresome, boring or not successful. If you focus on good thoughts and program your mind expecting a pleasant and nice day you will stay open for the chance it may really be lucky and fortunate for you.

    The next thing you have to do after you take a shower is choosing the clothes you will wear. Choose clothes that suit you and make you look well. Depending on the profession that you have and the dress code in your company, put on the appropriate clothes, which should also show your personality.

    Before you leave your home you need to do a good cleaning of all things you have used. Tasks like cleaning the table, washing your plates and bowls, tidying up your bed, throwing the garbage from your home are good to be done in time and not delayed. Leaving your coffee machine, table and dishes, that need cleaning, after you arrive home, will make you overloaded and unwilling to do them when you arrive after another exhausting workday.

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