5 Things Teachers Should Keep On-Hand

things teachers should keep on hand

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  • Teachers understand that having the right supplies on hand can make the difference between having a good day and a not so great day.

    Although there are some basic supplies teachers always have available, there are some unique things that can make life in the classroom even easier.

    Car Air Fresheners

    What?! If you’ve never considered including some air fresheners on your list of essential items for the classroom – they can make a world of difference. Of course, you need to be sure the scents are subtle so students with sensitivities will not have a problem.

    If you use a small fan near your desk – use a vent freshener that clips on. You can also find attractive fresheners that you can hang from your desk drawer handles and even in the closet where you keep your coat and purse.

    Some teachers use essential oils to keep the atmosphere in the classroom calm and serene. There’s nothing better than walking into your classroom with a fresh clean scent.

    Lint Roller

    Another unique item that comes in useful in the classroom is a lint roller. Even if you check your clothing meticulously in the morning, there is always lingering pet hair or spots of lint floating around in the car.

    You can also find interesting small lint roller students can use to clean up their own messes. Eraser shaving, glitter, and scraps of paper are not pleasant additions you’re your cute outfit and stylish shoes.

    Quickly pick up the lint off your clothes and head down to the teacher’s lounge for the latest gossip. Additionally, you can use a lint roller in a variety of classroom activities!


    Although teachers might stock their desks with mints or gum, they really need a dedicated drawer in the filing cabinet for both high protein energy boosters and chocolate mood boosters. Keep some crackers and peanut butter, protein bars, and baggies of different nuts.

    Miniature chocolate bars, packs of cookies, and pretzels are also satisfying snacks when you are having a rough day. Be sure to pack all the items into a plastic airtight container and hide away in your filing cabinet.

    A teacher never knows when lunch might still be sitting in the fridge at home or an after-school meeting might go longer than planned. Always be prepared!

    Lotions and Lip balm

    Washing hands and using hand sanitizer is even more important now than ever. Unfortunately, these activities are essential for teachers but will dry out the skin on hands and arms quickly. Be sure to keep some high-quality lotion and the best lip balm on your desk.

    Classrooms are notoriously dry and can wreak havoc on your skin. Lip balm can keep your lips from drying out and creating sores around your mouth. There’s nothing worse than thumbing through student papers with dry and cracked skin on your fingers.

    You can find lotions in a variety of scents and flavors to match the season or your mood. Lotion, especially a luxurious sweet-smelling lotion, could be a lifesaver.

    Binder Clips

    If you have never recognized the magic of the binder clip, they are a must-have in any teacher’s desk. You can use them to hang notes on your desk or filing cabinet and can be changed quickly and easily.

    other valuable tips:

    Keep some encouraging notes, words, and jokes clipped to your board and around the classroom to provide a pick me up when you or your students are having a bad day. If you are trying to hang student projects from the drop-down ceiling in your classroom, these clips are perfect and won’t cause damage.

    If you need to add name tags to filing boxes or folders – use fun multicolored clips and colored paper to add information. You can find even more clever uses for binder clips with a quick search on Pinterest.

    No matter what grade or subject you teach, keeping essential supplies on hand will help keep your sanity. Shop around for these items yourself or make subtle hints to students and co-workers about practical items every classroom needs. Create a basket for your teacher friends and they will love you forever. 

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