8 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Enhance Students’ Problem Solving Skills

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  • Everyone needs to develop problem solving skills, most importantly students. With all the hectic schedules of schools, colleges and universities, it sometimes becomes very difficult for students to cope up with the problems happening in their academic and personal life.

    The main problems occur in the life of graduates who have a dissertation to write for their Master’s completion. However, most of them fail to present a good literary work since they lack good problem solving skills which are highly essential to conduct a high level research on such lengthy paper. Such students are observed to ask online experts, ‘is there any way you can do my dissertation for me’.

    Nonetheless, students need to learn different ways or strategies that can help them solve problems and avoid becoming a victim of stress or anxiety. If you are a student and you wish to increase your skills of solving problems, then take a look at the following few ways:

    Take Out Time To Clearly Understand The Problem

    There is no need to rush. Take all the time in the world to sit down, relax and then start thinking about your problem. The best way to do so is to take a long walk and think about it, but avoid panic attacks. A panic attack will not take you anywhere but would make you feel stressed out more. Detect and further analyze your problem as it would lead you to its better understanding.

    Stay Keen To Find Facts & Gather More Information

    Collect as much information as you can about the problem as soon as you have identified it. Problem identification is the best skill you can have that can help you with numerous situations in not only your academic life but personal life as well.  Gather facts about the issue and come up with a clearer picture of what actually caused it in the first place. Try to get to the root of the issue that is disturbing you and troubling your mind.

    Think Of The Consequences If The Problem Is Not Solved

    What better motivation can there be than to think of the consequences a problem may bring for you! Be it a minor issue or a bad catastrophe, your mind will start the brainstorming right away if you think about what may happen if the problem persists and is not solved soon. This would automatically and naturally make your mind speed up the problem solving process.

    Stay Positive Even While Brainstorming

    You may have learnt to brainstorm a problem in order to solve it but what you do not care about much is to stay positive while doing so. Brainstorming for solving a problem is nothing but a waste of time for students if they think about them in a negative way. Forget all about ‘I can’t.’ or ‘I’m unable to.’ and lead your mind to think like ‘I may succeed..’ or ‘what if I try..’.

    Look At Your Problem In A Different Way

    As much important as staying positive is while solving a problem, it is also necessary to view it from different angles. Flip around your objective a little bit and see if it opens a brand new door to a possible solution, even it is something completely opposite than you imagined.

    Select The Appropriate Strategy That Actually Solves The Problem At Hand

    There is no universal strategy that can solve all kinds of problems. Students often make this mistake and try to apply the same strategy for solving several different types of problems. You must learn to apply a right strategy for solving each problem.
    You cannot just conveniently mention: “Great command over problem solving skills” in your resume. You really need to get a grip on the kinds of strategies that can solve the problems, minor or big, for you.

    Consider All Possibilities And Solutions

    Do not discard any thought or solution. Welcome every solution that pops up in your mind. The best way to enhance your problem solving skills is to boost your creative thinking power that leads to potential solutions.

    Make The Most Out Of Logical Games And Apps

    Students often waste a significant amount of time using their smartphones only for chatting, gaming, etc. But, here is an idea! Why not put your smartphone to a better use? Download games or apps that boost your logical skills and creative thinking. Search for games online that have an ultimate goal of solving a problem in order to move ahead a level, and download them to your phone.

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