Top Ways to Decide Your Study Abroad Destination

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  • Most dream about going abroad to study; but affording it is a big deal. With the increase in globalization – schools and colleges around the world are inviting students of different ethnicity to join them. But most students face a dilemma of which location to choose from. These are the following ways you can decide your study abroad destination.

    You subject preference:

    Each Location is known for their particular course. Out of which US and UK tops the list – But you would have few surprises here too.

    Of course you have the top US universities like MIT, Stanford, Berkeley and Caltech that tops the list; followed by Cambridge and Oxford in UK. The Surprise here is ETH Zurich the Swiss Federal Institute to Technology in Zurich which is 8th on the top 100 list followed by National University of Singapore which is 13th on the Times list. You also have Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in China and Delft University of Technology in Netherlands. Apart from these you have Germany, Korea, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium in the list too if you are looking for engineering as your major.

    Arts and Humanities:
    As before you have the top universities in US and UK like Stanford, Harvard, Chicago, Princeton, Cambridge and Oxford. But Australian National University has been ranked 4th on the times list and University of Toronto in Canada is the 10th.  In the top hundred you also have University of Sydney, Melbourne in Australia, McGill in Canada, Humboldt – Universitat zu Berlin in Germany.

    According to Forbes the top business schools is IMD in Switzerland, Insead in France and SDA Bocconi. Other universities like IESE, Hong Kong, Cranfield and National University of Singapore tops the list.

    Design/Fashion/Films and other creative course:
    As the fashion capitals Paris, New York, London and Milan tops the list for best location. You have Parsons and Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Central Saint Martins and London College of fashion in London and Instituto Margoni in Milan etc.  For Film Making you have Beijing Film Academy, University of Southern California, American film Institute and Tisch school of Arts tops the list. You also have The Film and TV school of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague that is 7th on the top 10 list.

    As most profession, US and UK tops the list of best universities. Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge and Imperial College of London are the best in the world for Medicine. The top 25 also have Karolinska Institute in Sweden, University of Toronto and University of Australia along with various US and UK colleges.

    Your Location Presences:

    The world has many exotic locations; to select one can definitely be quite a big decision. So before you zero down on the perfect location, make a list of all the places that would be perfect for the course you want to study, along with your own personal preference. For example you want to study Arts make a list of all the places that you want to go and then coincide it with places that have the best universities and if you are making the cutoff or not.

    Language Barriers:

    Most of the European countries have a language requirement. If you want to go to Paris you should be able to converse in French the same applies for Spain or Germany etc. for US and UK you have to be have fluency in English and also pass the necessary exams. So when you have made the list, jot down if you know the language or not. This would help you to narrow down your desired destination

    Your Budget constraint:

    USA and UK are pretty expensive when it comes down to a budget education. Unless you get Scholarship or some sort of financial back up it is a little difficult to manage. But countries like Singapore, Australia and China are climbing up on the list of top study abroad destination. They are slightly cheaper to US and UK and are also on the top universities list.

    Have you passed the necessary qualifying exams?

    Each country has their requirements for one to study. You have to take certain tests like TOEFL, IELTS and GMAT etc. depending on the country and the subject you choose.

    Job Opportunities:

    Before you finalize the location, look at what kind of job opportunities do the colleges offer.

    Student Visa:

    Lastly, Again each country has their Visa requirements. While some allow working while studying and some allow you to work for a year on your student visa after your degree. Plus getting a visa is quite taxing, you need your acceptance letter from college etc to be able to apply. So once you have zeroed down onto your location and after getting the acceptance – Apply for visa as soon as possible. Don’t wait for it.

    Author Bio: Trisha is a professional writer and adviser on education and career. She is an ardent reader, a traveler and a passionate photographer. She wants to explore the world and write about whatever comes across her way.

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