Climbing the Ladder: Five Careers with Room to Grow

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  • At this time in your life you are full of promise, eager, determined, ambitious, and not to mention, excited about what you can make out of the career path you choose. Whether you’re deciding on a college, still in college, or have recently graduated, the door is wide-open and your possibilities are endless. Knowing the right fields to get into can be a matter of closely looking at the economy. While you can breakthrough any career with the right amount of focus, determination, hard-work, and luck, there are a few careers that stand out in terms of offering entry-level positions with the most room to grow. We’ll examine the top five careers below.


    Few careers match the quick growth potential and independence that the different branches of cosmetology offer. As soon as you graduate from a beauty school like Canadian Beauty College Inc or a local hair salon school, you should have the certification needed to go into any kind of career. Whether you focused on hairstyling, cosmetics, skincare, manicures and pedicures, or all of the above, you can almost instantly become your own boss or at least feel like you’re your own boss because of the level of independence you’ll enjoy. If you’re talented at your craft, and are a little business savvy, you can build a strong clientele, open up your own shop, hire other people, and be on your way to owning your own business and having financial freedom in a relatively short amount of time. According to an Esthetics school in Ontario, the best way to be your own boss is to work in a variety of different salons first. That way you can meet and build your clients without having to do much of your own advertising later.


    A career in finance is both exciting and challenging. There’s also huge growth potential, and the pay isn’t too bad either. If you’re the type that excels in fast-paced, competitive environments, then you may consider becoming a financial analyst, financial adviser, accountant, auditor, loan officer, or set your sights on a fancy job on Wall Street. Finance can take you many different directions so it’s a versatile career choice no matter where you end up.

    It has never been easier to get started on a career in finance because of the availability of online education. As it stands, you can take some courses in your free time and end up with a degree in finance without having to quit your current job. You can also upgrade your education by earning an advanced degree, like the Master of Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, through an online university. This will put you at a much higher pay grade within the industry, making this degree well worth the investment.


    With technology moving as fast as it is, engineers are going to be in high-demand for quite some time. Project engineering, sound engineering, and especially computer engineering as a career will be a good place to grow. If you’re talented at it and obtain at least a bachelor’s degree, you could start making really good money. You will move up the ladder quickly as you earn more certifications or complete more schooling.


    As evident in the number of nursing schools popping up all over, and in the enrollment in nursing programs at colleges and universities, nurses are in high-demand and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon. There are several types of nurses including nurse’s aid, vocational nurses, registered nurses, trauma nurses, licensed practical nurses, and triage nurses. The even better news is that because of the needs of our aging population, nurses are needed on all qualification levels. You can start off as a nurse’s aid and then work your way up. Some employers will even help pay for your schooling.


    If you enjoy law, but don’t actually want to become an attorney, then a career as a paralegal may be perfect for you. You’ll be conducting work such as drafting legal documents, doing legal research, interviewing clients, and some administrative tasks such as filing and answering the phone. The starting pay is great, but you could end up making an incredible amount of money as you prove your worth to the law firm.

    Above are five exciting careers that offer great pay, room to wiggle around, and incredible growth potential. Take some time to think about what they offer, and choose a career that’s in line with your interests and goals.

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