The Best States for Higher Education in America

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  • When you’re a high school senior, the process of planning your college career can be terrifying.

    As you get ready to set out on your own for the first time, it’s essential that you have everything you need to set yourself up for success.

    This includes choosing the right state in which to attend college.

    If you’re still unsure of where you want to go to school, check out some of the best states for higher education and make an informed decision.


    Ranked among the best in the country, Florida’s higher education system is fantastic for people looking for a consistent graduation rate and lowered student debt after they graduate, which allows students to pursue their studies in a way that promotes growth and independence.

    Florida is also a great place to attend school if you’re looking to chase a career in marine biology. Regions near the coast contain a variety of wildlife sanctuaries that allow students to study, intern in, and gain experience in the field they love.

    North Carolina

    Students who attend high school in North Carolina are shown to want to stay in the state to pursue their college educations. This is due to not only the quality resources they receive on campus, but also the warm and welcoming atmosphere of local schools.

    This vibe is attractive to many students from around the country as well, making North Carolina a great home away from home.


    Oregon is another great state in which to pursue an education, as it has a diverse culture and a lot of activities to help students grow and achieve their goals. The inclusive nature of Portland, in particular, is something that attracts students looking to discover themselves in a new way. In addition to this, there are a variety of other reasons to go to college in Oregon, such as the food, the people, and the opportunities.


    With a four-year graduation rate and an average tuition of under ten thousand dollars a year, Iowa is both economically friendly and full of career opportunities. As such, this state is an option that many incoming freshmen consider. The education itself is also quality, with a plethora of qualified professors to show you the ropes and top-notch test scores.

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    This state has a high concentration of both public universities and private colleges, making it a diverse place for each type of student to find what they’re looking for. Every campus has a unique atmosphere and an experience that students can use to fit their own specific needs. Some of these institutions also have designated college towns to more effectively cater to those needs.


    Utah is ranked first in lowered post-graduation debt, making it the best place for people to get degrees while maintaining economic balance. In addition, this state specifically emphasizes the trades, so two-year degrees are more common here. The schools in this region also have ready access to a series of extracurricular activities such as winter sports and outdoor exploration.

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