Big Things to Consider Before You Head to College

head off to college

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  • So, you’ve been accepted by your first choice college and you’re about ready to be off on your own.

    But not so fast!

    There are a few things to consider before you head to college.

    And since you’re technically still under your parents’ roof, you will have to listen to their rules just a little bit longer. It’s for your best interest, so try to grin and bear it.

    When you’re ready to head to college, you’ve likely:

    • Chosen your major
    • Found accommodation
    • Figured out how you will pay for it all.

    But there are some things you’re probably not considering. One being the fact that it’s exciting for you, and emotional for your parents.

    Let them baby you just a little bit and remember to call home frequently. How often? Well, at least double as much as you might want to, but no less than once a week. 

    Here are some other things to consider:

    • Don’t let your freedom cost you your peace –

      College offers plenty opportunities – both socially and academically. You’ll have plenty of access to things your parents tried to protect you from. Give it some serious thought and remember, just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

    • Mind the freshman 15 –

      The college cafeteria gives you access to as much food as you can handle. But if you don’t learn to mind your portion sizes, you will likely gain fifteen or more pounds.

      Now that your parents aren’t there to tell you to mind your calorie intake and go for a jog, you will have to do it yourself.

    • Stick to a routine –

      Your parents used to wake you up for school, but it’s much easier to stay in bed at college, especially since many people are doing it… If you know how much your parents pay for each class (approximately $150), you will be less likely to skip classes.

      Invest in an alarm clock and get out of bed. You have a great opportunity ahead of you, so don’t miss classes. Remember: work first, play later.

    • Ask for help –

      One important life skill for adulting, is knowing when to ask for help, and then doing it. You might as well realize that life is not always going to be easy in college. Your life is going to change in so many ways. Speak to your professor or to the mental health counselors on campus. Alternatively, speak to your parents. They will gladly help you navigate these difficult times.

    • Don’t rush into things –

      You might be dreaming of meeting your dream lover at college – perhaps it happens. But it would be better to learn to love you and spend time with you first. Get to know yourself before diving head-first into complex relationships.

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    • Respect boundaries –

      Whether you live in a dorm or off-campus student housing, be respectful of the rules and boundaries of your accommodations, especially quiet times.

    • Learn some basic life skills before you leave for college –

      Adulting is all fun and games until the button snaps off of your jeans.You don’t have time to send it back home for Mom to fix. So you’d better know how to do it yourself.

      The same goes for other life skills, cush as doing laundry, cooking a simple meal, conduct yourself in different types of meetings and scenarios, and prepare a killer CV. These are some of the things your parents will gladly teach you before you head to college.

    Many people who are off to college are shocked when their parents announce that they may not take their brand new cars to college. Of course, you must consider their reasoning:

    • Yes, you need a car to get around.
    • It’s safer to ship a car than to drive it across long distances
    • You’ll have less wear and tear, which means lower repair and maintenance costs.

    Make a few concessions so that your parents feel as though you value their opinion.

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