Higher Education: Steps to Decide the Major for You

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  • You’ve just graduated from high school, and everyone is expecting you to declare your college major. The only thing is, you don’t have a clue as to what you want to major in at this point in your life. Should you choose a major that will command a high salary? Or, should you choose something you are truly passionate about? Only you can make this decision, but make sure that you put a lot of thought into it first.

    Many consider this to be a life changing decision that will affect the rest of your career. Although it is quite common for college students to change their major a few times, take this decision very seriously. It is understandable that you might choose a major, take a few classes and then hate the major. But, don’t choose something right now just to please your parents or school administrators. Each time that you change your major could be a waste of time and money in the long run. Why deal with the added stress? Choose your college major wisely, and do everything possible to stick with your final choice.

    Consider your Interests

    What makes you happy? Do you have a passion about any particular subject? What do you see yourself doing for the next fifty years of your life? Is there a college major that can help you accomplish this? If so, this is the major you must choose. On the flip side, stay away from those things in life that would totally bore you to death.

    Get Tested

    Talk to the school counselor and schedule a few testing sessions. Universities have testing centers that can match you to certain jobs based on the results of those tests. For instance, a trial lawyer would not be a good fit if you are shy and hate dealing with people.

    Peruse Online Sites

    Sometimes the best way to decide where you want to go is to look over all your options. Sites like altusap.com can help you to find information about higher education and the best places to put your skills to the test. Keep abreast of college related news, learn about what universities expect and prospective employers want and need. This could have a huge impact on the type of major you choose.

    Consider Your Strengths and Weaknesses

    Although you might have a passion for a certain field of study, do you have what it takes to become successful? For example, you may love math, and want to major in accounting, but are you disciplined enough to follow tight deadlines? Are you easily overwhelmed? Would you be happy doing the same monthly tasks over and over again? Always ascertain your strengths and weaknesses before selecting a college major.

    Consider the Job Requirements

    One of the most important things you must consider is what happens once you earn the degree. What types of jobs will you be able to get with your degree? Have you considered the types of requirements that are mandatory for those types of jobs? For instance, how will things such as travel, job attire, environment, family life, pay, status, or career potential affect you? What can you expect in terms of these things when it comes to your chosen major?

    In conclusion, the time to decide upon a college major is always an important one. Take this decision very seriously and think about all your options. At this time, there is no need to rush, but don’t choose a major just for the fun of it. Remain undecided until you are genuinely ready to make an informed decision.

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