Business Majors: Steps You Can Take To Make Yourself More Valuable

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  • It’s your first day of college, AHH! You made it this far and decided on a business major, way to go! BUT the pressure is on and questions about your future will be frequent. It will be up to you to begin your college plan. Although four years seems like a long time to prepare, you will be surprised how quickly time flies. There are additional steps you can take outside of the classroom to strengthen your resume before you decide on a career.

    Certifications & Accredidations

    Most looking to advance their business career don’t even know of highly recognized business certification like the ANSI accredidation from Being accredited is an excellent way to prove your professional expertise to current and future employers. Certifications show your commitment to a career choice and professionalism.

    IMCA provides the following certifications:

    • CIMA (Certified Investment Management Analyst) Certification
    • Benefits to a CIMA Certification
    • Advise more profitable clients
    • Be part of an experienced group
    • Possess Important Institutional Expertise

    CPWA (Certified Private Wealth Advisor) Certification

    • Benefits to a CPWA Certification
    • Strategies to minimize taxes
    • Protect assets
    • Maximize Growth


    One thing that you don’t receive in the classroom is hands on experience. Although working for free sounds miserable, the knowledge you gain from internships is priceless.

    Edge In The Job Market
    Sometimes employers seem to be more concerned with work experience than your credentials. In a competitive job market, an internship can set you apart.

    Transition Into a Job
    Employers see interns as prospective employees. Treat your internship as an interview because once your internship is up, you may work with the company full-time.

    Is This the Right Career For You?
    Internships are usually short-term; you can test out your future career and see if it’s a perfect fit.

    Put Classroom Knowledge Into Motion
    Sometimes you wonder when your schooling will apply. Being involved in an internship allows you to use your skills in a real world setting and to show that you can perform the job you have been given.

    Business Networking

    Put yourself out there! Search for groups or seminars that allow you to meet people in the field. Networking is about being genuine, building trust and relationships. Here are some tips to make networking successful.

    Spark Your Interest
    Check out several groups. Make sure that the leadership seems competent and that everyone is supportive of one another.

    Maximize Your Networking Approachability
    Be Ready to engage by Preparing yourself with questions and stories. This will avoid the awkward conversations.

    Remember to have non-generic answers: Someone asks, “How are you?” Do not reply with, “Fine.” Make sure your answers have substance and can lead into conversation topics.

    Don’t forget open ended questions to keep conversations moving. Who, What, When, Where and How. This form of questioning opens up the discussion and shows people that you are interested in them.

    Be articulate. Some people may ask what they can do for you. Make sure to have an immediate answer. Have a clear understanding of what you do. Whether it is your degree at school or your internship, be able to communicate that so people know what role you play.

    Being a student is difficult and sometimes just the thought of adding more to your plate makes you want to scream. It is stressful trying to find your way around campus, being swamped with homework that high school never prepared you for and thinking about your future. BUT just trust that the more you get yourself out there, the more prosperous your future will be.

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