4 Career Paths You Can Take with a Degree in Computer Science

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  • Computer science degrees are very popular and with good reason.

    The more people rely on technology, the more professionals will be needed to create, manage, and troubleshoot both hardware and software.

    Maybe you want a better idea of the specific career fields you could potentially enter with a degree in computer science. Fortunately, there are many options The following are only four of the solid career paths you can take once you earn a degree in computer science.

    IT Technician or Manager

    Information technology professionals, whether just starting out as a technician or having advanced to a more managerial role, help a company manage their technology. They can work on-site or remotely to answer employee questions and troubleshoot issues. They are also responsible for maintaining a company’s computer networks and offering suggestions regarding upgrades. This career continues to be in high demand as businesses expand the amount and variety of technologies they are using, making it a good choice for computer science majors.

    Software Developer

    Software developers are the architects of programs that run on a variety of devices and operating systems, from traditional desktops to mobile apps. These professionals oversee the development of software from conception and programming through testing and release.

    They need to be highly proficient in different coding languages and sensitive to the needs of their clients when designing any piece of software or system infrastructure.

    Database Administrator

    Database administrators use analysis to determine the data needs of users and businesses before developing, maintaining and troubleshooting databases that store and retrieve crucial digital information.

    They have to be particularly concerned with data security, especially for companies whose databases contain lots of sensitive personal or medical information. Database administrators can work full-time for a single organization or as a consultant for a myriad of different organizations.

    Video Game Designer

    Although most programs are not designed for this, a computer science degree does teach students many of the basics they will need to know in order to become a successful video game designer. This is a popular career path for many who enjoy playing video games, and although it can be competitive, it can also be quite rewarding. Graduates who want to create and publish their own video games should consider video game site monetization to recoup production costs and generally monetize the game.

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    A computer science degree is general and varied. It gives anyone who graduates with one a variety of career paths they can choose from. Because of the increased demand for technology, all of these careers are expected to grow within the next ten years as well, making all of them good choices. Getting a computer science degree can open many doors for you. Consider taking an introductory course or two to see how much you enjoy it.

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