Making Friends at Your New Home Away From Home

making college friends

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  • Going away for college takes a lot of guts.

    You are leaving behind everything you know, and going to an unfamiliar place where you probably don’t know a single person!


    It’s not an easy thing to do; at first, you are going to miss your friends and family. But with the right attitude, you will be making some new friends before you know it.

    Get Yourself Properly Oriented

    Once you’ve taken a moment to unpack your things, check out that handy Freshmen Orientation schedule that you most likely received during your registration. These events and activities are a great way to learn about your school, put yourself out there, and start getting to know your fellow classmates. Most of them are probably just as nervous as you are about making new friends! Take advantage of that initial week by stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things!

    Freshmen orientation is filled with opportunities to do just that! Perhaps one group of students goes on a white water rafting trip while another group participates in a campus-wide scavenger hunt. Or maybe several smaller groups work compete to build the tallest marshmallow and toothpick tower.

    Regardless of the activity, prepare to work as a team to achieve a unified goal. This will get you one step closer to making new friends, and get you ready for the team-building that will probably happen throughout your entire career. The benefits of team-building heavily outweigh the uncomfortableness that you may feel at first.

    Join Clubs Related to Your Major

    Why not knock out two birds with one stone? Joining clubs while you’re in college is a great way to build your resumé while also meeting people who share your beliefs, mindset, and interests. Most clubs meet on a weekly basis, so it’s like having a scheduled hang out with super cool people every week.

    So if you’re majoring in Journalism, see if there is a newspaper club! If you’re a health major, try to find a wellness club. You will gain hands-on experience in your field while also spending time with all the right people.

    If you’re worried you may not have time to fully commit to a club, focus on talking to classmates who share your major. Chances are good that you will have classes with a lot of the same people as you progress through your program. By establishing rapport early on, you increase your chances of building worthwhile friendships with people in your field.

    other valuable tips:

    Go to Campus Events That You Enjoy

    Instead of watching Netflix all weekend, check out the campus event calendar and see what’s coming up! Most colleges offer events for all kinds of different interests. You could explore the various art-based events, join an exercise class, or even participate in a board game night.

    Find something interactive that will allow you to get to know a variety of students throughout the event. Make it your goal to connect with at least one or two people at each event you attend. You could even suggest the next event to that person.

    A new school in a new city may seem overwhelming at first. But all you really need to remember is to focus on being yourself and doing the things that make you happy. When we are doing something we love, we generally appear more approachable to other people. So, by doing what you love surrounded by people who love the same things, you are bound to make lifelong friendships.

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