7 Traits & Attributes Every Great Student Should Have

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  • Whether you’re a student trying to improve your grades, or a parent who just wants their child to do better in school, facilitating self-improvement should be a top priority.

    After all, the ability to improve at anything is already lying dormant in every person who is willing to apply themselves and put forth a consistent effort.

    Being a better student doesn’t just come from studying more or paying attention in class, although those actions will certainly help. Instead, it’s about becoming a more balanced person overall so that schoolwork and everything else you do become less of a challenge and more of an opportunity to excel. With that said, here are seven straightforward but essential traits and attributes that every student should work to build upon:

    1. Discipline

    First and foremost, you absolutely need an unwavering sense of discipline if you want to achieve the best possible academic results. This simply means that you follow through with what you tell yourself you’re going to do. It’s a simple yet tough-to-develop trait that will carry you far beyond your school years. Ellenbrook Christian College offer primary school and high school in Ellenbrook, Victoria, Western Australia with a focus on helping students develop self-discipline and the other key traits mentioned on this list.

    2. Persistence

    Being persistent means that you consistently put forth your best effort even when things aren’t going well or you’re not having a lot of fun. Anybody can do a great job for a day or a week, but can you persist and perform through the long haul?

    3. Optimism

    Believe it or not, outlook has a significant impact on student progress. Students who are pessimistic are more likely to develop a defeatist mindset that leads to poor self-esteem and lower grades. On the other hand, optimistic students encounter every obstacle knowing that they can and will surpass it.

    4. Organization

    It can be tough to become the best version of yourself if your life isn’t well-organized. A great student knows the importance of keeping everything in line and on schedule to avoid confusion and mishaps.

    5. Work Ethic

    Strong work ethic is a crucial skill to develop at a young age because it will help you achieve your career and lifestyle goals as you get older. In essence, having good work ethic means you understand the importance of fulfilling your end of the bargain, whether that be finishing your homework or working overtime on a class project.

    6. Inquisitiveness

    Did you know that students who are curious are more likely to get higher grades in school? That’s because an inquisitive mind is primed to retain more of the information it processes. Use this principle to your advantage by developing a genuine curiosity for the topics you’re studying.

    other valuable tips:

    7. Communication Skills

    A great student can communicate effectively with classmates, teachers, and school staff to address problems and facilitate progress. For this reason, every student should work on their social skills and strive to become a better speaker and writer.

    Build Other Skills Around These Abilities

    Once you’ve gotten comfortable exhibiting the above traits and you’ve refined your attribute ratings in all of the aforementioned areas, you’ll start to notice that every new goal becomes easier to achieve.

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