How to Make the Most of Your First Week of University

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  • Your first week of university determines so much about how well you do throughout the year.

    This is mostly because the first week is when you’ll make friends, when you settle in, and when you first start your life as an independent adult.

    Doing this right means that you love the environment, love studying, and love who you are starting to become friends with. If you don’t do it right, meaning you stay inside your room the entire time, then you’ll find that you feel isolated. You must get out there, and you must follow these steps to have a successful start:

    Make Your Accommodation Yours

    Having the perfect student accommodation from Collegiate is the first step, but once you move in you need to make it yours. Arrange your belongings in a way that feels familiar, and buy the necessities that you need to make your life comfortable, like a shower caddy or mattress topper. What you need will depend on the room you get and the kind of accommodation you have. For instance, you might have to go out and buy a frying pan, pots, bowls, and serving dishes if you have a kitchen.

    Meet Your Neighbors

    The next step is to make friends. In the first week of university is incredibly easy to make friends. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t your sort of people. Not only is making friends with, say, the people in your course or your neighbors important to help you meet people and see where you fit, it’s also a good life skill to have. Get out there, go to parties, meet lots of people. The more people you meet, the more people you will click with. Remember, most of these new people won’t be your friends by the end of the week, but if you meet your new best friend through them then it was all worth it.

    Get Involved

    There are so many ways to get involved with your university. There are talks, introductions, societies, and more. The more involved you are, the more you will love your university. As a bonus, you will also get more out of your time there. The more extracurricular activities you do, the more people you meet, the more you will learn, and the more experienced you will be. In the first week, this means organizing your email accounts so that you don’t miss any opportunities, it means joining multiple societies in things you are interested in, and it means working on making connections.

    Start Good Habits

    Even during the first week of university there are things you can do for future success. One of these is starting good habits from the start, like eating healthy, being committed to a morning and nighttime routine, and most importantly going to all of your classes.

    Starting your university off right means connecting with your university, and your fellow students. It means finding your place and working towards your future, and yes, all of this can be done while you are having fun.

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