4 Great Presents for Your College Freshman’s First Holiday Away

college freshmans first holiday

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  • For those who are in their freshman year of college, the holidays can be a difficult time.

    This is especially if they are unable to return home to celebrate the festive season with family.

    At such a time, great gifts from home can be the ideal way to cheer someone up and make the holidays seem right.

    Here are four great presents you can send the college freshman in your life for his or her first holiday away from home.

    Homemade Baked Goods

    The holidays are always heavy on desserts. A home-baked cake or a package of cookies can be just the thing to deliver a bit of home to someone who is far away for college. Be sure to bake something that will travel well. Not all baked goods are sturdy enough to deal with mail package handling. If possible, make your college freshman his or her personal favorite holiday treat, as this will add a personal touch to the gift. You should also line up express mail delivery to prevent the baked goods from getting stale while they are shipped.

    A New Wallet

    Being that college students are notoriously short on funds, it may seem like an odd idea to send a wallet to one as a present. A new wallet, however, is often a very pragmatic gift for a new college student. For the first time in their lives, students at college are usually expected to carry multiple cards and documents, meaning that they need a place to store and organize them.

    Even with a cash shortage, this makes a wallet a very handy gift. Be sure to get your college freshman a wallet that he or she will like and that is considered fashionable at the moment. If it’s your son who’s away at college, for instance, you might consider getting him one of the slim wallets for men that have become trendy in recent years.

    A Gift Card to a Favorite Restaurant

    Although most college students eat fairly well thanks to the generous meal plans available to them, eating out is usually a rare luxury. If you want to give your student some variety, consider sending a gift card to a chain restaurant that he or she favors. If you have the means, you should send a gift card that has enough on it for more than one meal, so that your college freshman can either dine there multiple times or go out to that restaurant with friends. Though it may seem like an overly simple gift, the change of pace and the chance to eat out will be well-received by practically any freshman.

    A New Tablet or Laptop

    College students these days are extremely reliant on technology for everything from taking notes in class to preparing for tests. If you want to send something that will be extremely useful, buy your student a new tablet or laptop that is an upgrade from his or her current one. New electronics can cost a deal of money, so consider getting multiple family members to pitch in for the gift. If you plan on going this route, you should ask your freshman what kind of device he or she wants. Though it won’t be a surprise, doing so will give you a better idea of what you should buy.

    These are just four of the great gift ideas for the college freshman in your family. Of course, your student may need or want something completely different. Whatever you send, be sure to try to personalize it to his or her needs in some way. With the sense of distance from family and old friends, doing so will help to bring cheer to your student’s holiday season.

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