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  • For anyone who wants to move forward in life and advance their career and earning prospects it is very important to realise that you are never too old or too smart to study more or to learn new things.

    Because the world is moving forward at such a rapid pace it is worth noting that as soon as you stop learning you, you start to move backwards.

    This doesn’t of course mean that you need to be enrolled in college for the rest of your life. There are plenty of ways and means to learn, you just need to have the desire to make it happen. So, in order to ensure that you don’t start sliding backwards, here are a few ideas to help you with your studies and learning.

    There are Always Opportunities

    It doesn’t matter what you do, there are always opportunities to learn more or to advance yourself. You might find yourself in what you think is a dead-end job – perhaps you are washing dishing, maybe it’s cleaning houses or perhaps it is laying bricks. All of these are manual labor type jobs that might appear to be headed nowhere. And they will head nowhere if you don’t start to steer them.

    If you are a bricklayer on a building site, it might be worth exploring part-time study doing something like a diploma in construction management. The old story of moving from the mailroom to the boardroom is not something that happens by accident, it was driven, and intentional and it was people who were not happy to stay where they were who got there.

    Online is a Great Resource

    There is a lot of great learning material, either formal or informal, that is available online. Seek it out and start studying. Courses on platforms like Udemy are cheap and affordable and they will leave you with a qualification once completed. They are also studies, that you can do in your own time.

    Industry Related Activities

    Attend workshops and conferences, conventions and trade shows. These are great networking opportunities and they are also great ways to learn about what is new within your industry. It is very important to stay abreast of developments and current thinking if you want to keep advancing yourself and finding the right opportunities.


    One of the best, and most enjoyable, ways of learning is through traveling. This is something that can happen as part of your vacation time, or perhaps when attending conferences abroad. The point is, travel shows you different cultures and ways of doing things. It expands your horizons and opens your mind. It helps you to put your world into perspective. If the opportunity to travel presents itself then take it. If it doesn’t present itself then find a way to make it happen.

    other valuable tips:

    Find a Mentor

    Identify a mentor or an expert who you feel that you can learn from, approach them nicely, and ask if they will mentor you. You can be a junior member of staff or the CEO, the important thing here is to recognize that you can always learn and that there is always somebody who has more skills than you in certain areas. A mentor is going to help improve you in a specific area, so don’t be shy or embarrassed to ask, strap on the charm and up-skill yourself.

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