Going Back to School? 4 Areas of Study to Consider for a Long-Term Career

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  • Adults going back to school may wonder how they’re going to pay back any student loans they may need to complete their degree.

    For this reason, these adult students may look at career paths that will allow them to not only pay back their student debt, but to also purchase a home, travel, and start a family.

    This article will show nontraditional students four careers that will provide them with financial security.


    We all know that physicians and medical researchers usually make a salary well into the six figures. As a doctor, you can make anywhere from $204,000 a year (average primary care doctor salary) to $443,000 a year (average orthopedic surgeon salary). To become a physician in the United States, you will need to complete a bachelor’s degree, a degree from an accredited medical school, and complete an internship and residency after medical school.

    While the training that a future doctor will have to complete is arduous and costly, a career in medicine can be rewarding. If you like the idea of going into the medical field but don’t want to work directly with patients, consider a career as a medical researcher. With this path, you can potentially work on projects that could save lives while earning a pretty decent salary.


    As an accountant, your skills will always be in demand. That’s largely due to the fact that people will always need to pay taxes and make sure their business expenses are as they should be. You can work at a corporation, for a small business, a tax preparer chain, or even for yourself.

    To become an accountant, you will need to earn a bachelor’s degree and pass the CPA exam. The average accountant in the United States makes between $43,000 and $122,000. Going to accounting school can act as a feasible solution to picking a satisfying career.

    Software Engineering

    Everywhere you turn, a luminary in the tech industry is imploring people to learn to code. That’s because The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that developer jobs will increase by 24 percent in the next ten years. While you can get a job as a web developer without a degree, you’ll have many more opportunities if you get a computer science or software engineering degree.


    While the most robust career paths tend to be those in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math), there’s hope for those students who have a literary bent. Copywriting can act as a way for students with high verbal abilities to earn a good salary.

    other valuable tips:

    Copywriters write brochures, website content, direct mail pieces, and other types of content that all aims to sell a product or service. While writers may have to break a few "bad" habits to really succeed in this field, it certainly can be done with some work. Copywriters can make anywhere from $52,000 to $65,000 a year.

    Just because you’re no longer 18, it does not mean that you can’t find a fulfilling and lucrative career after college. Employers care about what you can do for their company. You can have your ideal career sooner than you think if you make preparations for post-college life while you’re still studying for midterms.

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