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When is a Certificate Program Right For You

For years, pursuing a degree has been the standard next step for anyone looking to develop their professional skills, prepare for a leadership role, or explore a new career path. Recently, however, a shift has taken place in graduate education, with professionally focused, shorter programs representing a growing piece of the academic market. Universities have […]

Online or Off: What’s the Cheapest Way to Go Back to School?

When people harp on the merits of online programs, they often cite the affordability of an online program over a traditional one. Things like commute times, the ability to maintain a full-time job, and highly flexible schedules are touted as benefits for those who take courses online. Of course, depending on the program you want […]

It’s Never Too Late to Go Back to School

College is often billed as a young person’s game. The vast majority of students out there are considered “traditional” students. This means that they are between the ages of 18-22 and went straight into college right after they finished high school. It’s what we were all taught was the norm. You finish high school and […]

Three Most Popular Online Degrees In 2015

When regarding your future career, there are many variables that you simply must consider. First of many questions that you must ask yourself is, is this something you see yourself doing for the rest of your life? It is really hard getting up every morning and forcing yourself to do something you really hate day […]

What is Digital Learning?

In our modern times, there are concepts that have taken birth in the light of extreme growth in technology and media. Such concepts were never thought of before or even heard of. Even people who widely experienced and full of knowledge struggle to understand the depth and smartness of such new jargons as well as […]

Mobile Based Learning and Social Media: The Future of Education

The social media networks were introduced for people to interact with each other easily. Latest mobile devices let people us to connect within moments to their loved one or relatives and share information. The effect has left people’s minds continuously having to respond to all the streaming live data and perceive and interpret it as […]

Law Degrees You Can Earn Online

Online classes have made it possible for students to pursue careers they never thought possible. What started off as a few online classes in only a few select schools has now evolved into a common and very popular thing, with more degrees offered every day. There are even some law degrees you can earn online. […]

Easy Ways to Improve English Writing Skills

As students learn ESL, it’s important that a strong foundation is developed to ensure that future experiences can build upon it. ESL students must also learn how to read and write in English in order to move on to a fulfilling career and future. While students can expect instructors to teach reading and writing skills, […]