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3 Bachelor Degree Programs to Take Online

You’ve heard of online degree programs, but you’ve not really explored them in-depth. Sure, a lot of people are doing them, but they just seem "weird" to you. But online degrees are actually the same as traditional degrees. In fact, online degrees offer special benefits that traditional degrees don’t. For example, an online degree allows […]

3 Best Practices for Your Online Learning Experience

Online learning is gaining widespread acceptance. It includes everything from online degrees, to mid-level level education from places like Udemy, Lynda and Skillshare. You can even find basic how-to videos where you can learn real skills on platforms like Instructables and YouTube. The rise of online educational sites simply means that consumers are becoming more […]

Back to the Basics: Long Distance Learning

There was once a time when many people used to be taught at home to save time and money (or because receiving an education was not readily made available). Although many people now physically go to campuses to learn more skills and get an education, not everyone can enjoy the luxury. Fortunately, for people that […]

The Professional Importance of Certifications and Further Education

As the old adage goes, “you are never too old to learn.” But what this adage doesn’t tell you is that continual learning can directly translate into higher wages, particularly through certifications. Even after graduating with a bachelor’s degree, specific certifications may increase your appeal and marketability. Types of Certifications No matter your career, chances […]

The Benefits and Advantages to Online Schooling and Classes

Online education is rapidly growing in this country. People are mixing online and traditional courses, earning their degrees entirely online, and taking part in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Here are just a few of the benefits an online education can offer. Many Different Class Formats Available Online classes are offered in as many different […]

Tips for Working Adults Going Back to School

The phrase "a college degree is the new high school diploma" is catching on quickly. More and more employers are requiring college degrees for jobs that previously only required a high school education and some job experience. There are very few companies left where you can start out in an entry-level job and work your […]

Continuing Your Education as a Parent

Going to college and seeking a degree, or continuing your education is never an easy task. It can be an especially difficult feat for those returning to college who are pregnant or currently raising children. Oftentimes parents are already busy and overwhelmed by their parenting responsibilities and work outside the home that they cannot imagine […]

How to Succeed With Virtual Learning

Virtual education is synonymous with distant learning, courses you take online in pursuit of your academic goals. Colleges and universities have been offering online instruction for decades with entire universities based on this style of learning. Virtual schools, catering to elementary and secondary school students are also on the rise, offering a connection for students […]