Choosing Your Major: Reasons Why A Degree In Engineering Is A Great Option

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  • Are you indecisive about the degree that you want to pursue in college? If you are trying to select the best major where demand for graduates is high, engineering may be the best choice. As you are comparing your options, you need to consider projected growth within specific industries, as well as your potential for earning a return on your investment once you graduate. Here are just six of the many reasons why engineering may be the right major for you:

    Engineers Are In High Demand

    Not only is there a growing demand for engineers in a number of different fields and industries, there is also a shortage of trained engineers in the employment market. With more and more businesses relying on technology, the demand for engineering personnel at every level is projected to grow rapidly, creating a gap between supply and demand. This means that you will enjoy great job security as an engineering graduate.

    There Are Opportunities In Virtually Every Industry

    When you major in engineering, you can use your degree to take advantage of many different opportunities in public and private sectors. As a civil engineer working in the public sector, you will be involved in designing, constructing and maintaining roads, city buildings, bridges and canals. As an aerospace engineer, you will work to design and manufacture satellites that send and receive signals. Environmental engineers work to invent non-polluting energy technologies and reduce toxic emissions. There is no limit to the opportunities that will be open to you.

    You Can Enjoy A Diverse Career In Engineering

    One thing that many college students are looking for is a career that will keep them engaged and excited. If you want to have passion for what you do, engineering could be the best option. Engineering is exciting, diverse and all about progress. Choose a discipline that you are passionate about, and get involved in a field where you make things happen.

    You Can Work In A Variety of Settings

    Does working in an office between the hours of 9-5 sound boring to you? Another great aspect of engineering is that you do not have to be stuck in an office all day. You can work in cities, rural areas, the wilderness, factories, research labs and outdoors. Pick a setting that sounds inviting to you and then you can choose a discipline that will place you in the setting.

    You Can Balance Work And Life In Engineering

    Many people worry about choosing a career where they will be stuck working 80 hours per week. Because time management is so important in engineering, you will enjoy a good work and life balance. Most engineers work a typical 40 hour work week unless they are traveling for a specific project.

    Engineers Earn A Return On Investment

    Engineers must attain skills in school to get hired for the most desirable jobs. It may cost money to earn a degree in engineering, but when you get a top-paying position, you can easily pay off student debt and gain a return. Incomes in engineering range based on the discipline, but the average salary is $84,770.

    These are just six reasons why engineering is a good major. Not only will you earn a high salary, you will also stay passionate about your job. Choose a discipline, think about the setting you would like to work in, and help improve processes or even the environment by earning a degree in engineering.

    Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO and often writes about home, business, education and finance. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn’t writing. Informational credit to Ohio University, which offers an online civil engineering master’s degree.

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