College Dorms: The Importance of the Cleaning Schedule

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  • Being a college student does sound like fun and games, but there will be a point where you will see the difficulty of living the college life. If you are a fan of cleanliness, that point will come much sooner than you imagine.

    You will notice that college students have a lower level of hygiene than what is accepted as a standard in homes. Most dorms are attended by people who have very little experience in home cleaning and so rarely do it unless a piece of furniture starts releasing a very distinguishable and particular reek. To avoid that, you need to have the right attitude, and the kind of roommate that will agree on a cleaning schedule.

    Assign Tasks with a Cleaning Schedule

    The cleaning schedule should not be a difficult thing to make, the much more difficult part would be to follow it. Your roommate might hate cleaning just as much as you, and who can blame you – who wants to be stuck in the room with carpet cleaning when you can be literally anywhere else outside, doing whatever you wish, living the college life to the fullest. Think of it as a duty and a helpful side activity – after all, it is hard to live the college life when you are too busy choking on your room’s dust. This is the exact message you should convey to your roommate as well.

    The schedule does not have to be something encumbering that will take hours of your time each day. It should be merely a list of chores to be done at a certain day. Everybody should be familiar with chores at college age, so spending a few minutes a day on them will not interfere with any of your actual fun activities.

    Not Much Too Clean!

    A standard dorm room has beds, a floor and windows – this is literally all that needs to be taken care of by all its inhabitants, and the rest is an individual responsibility to clean your own belongings that should only concern your personal hygiene. So when making the schedule, you barely have a few points to add: floor or carpet cleaning and window cleaning. The former can be divided into mopping and vacuuming. And that is the basic schedule for any basic dorm room. The bigger the room and the more items inside, the bigger the list gets, but the difficulty of execution remains pretty much the same for any size.

    The most important thing you need to do is spend at least five minutes a day vacuuming so that your room does not get filled with dust, and so that you remove all fallen remnants of food, like crumbs, so that you don’t invite the hazard of ants. Take turns with your roommate each day, and the room will be mostly clean. All it takes is to divide the rest of the chores up for a cleaning duty, say, once a week, and you are done. It’s not exactly spring cleaning and you don’t have to be a professional cleaner to handle it.

    So exercise some discipline and make your roommate see the importance of keeping the space he or she uses for sleeping clean. All the rest is handled by mere minutes of your day time – that is not asking for too much, so help yourself.

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