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king james bible

The Most Popular Phrases from the King James Bible

In the early 15th century, against all odds, a committee wrote a great work of literature. King James I of England, Scotland, and Ireland convened a council of Biblical scholars and translators to issue a new version of the Bible for the Church of England, which had recently split from the Roman Catholic Church. Though […]

money saving tips for college students

5 Great Money-Saving Tips for College Students

In the last decade, student debt has become a national crisis in the U.S., with recent college graduates carrying an average negative balance of $30,000 on unpaid tuition fees. In addition to high tuition costs, many of the lifestyle choices made by students while in college also weigh in on how much they rack up […]

ways to stop a cold

Student Health: 4 Ways To Stop a Cold Before It Starts

As a college student, there are a lot of things that keep you busy—and all of them require you to be at your best. Whether it be classes, homework, exams, or your extracurricular activities, maintaining your physical and mental well-being is the key to lasting success. However, with a hectic lifestyle such as this, it’s […]

choosing the right college

5 Steps to Choosing the Right College

The choice of the right college is one of the biggest decisions that you will make. We’re not just talking about a major career choice but a major life choice. It determines the city that will be your primary place of residence in the following several years (maybe even the rest of your life). It […]

college morning routines

Easy Morning Routines to Get a Good Start of the Day

Establishing a morning routine that will inspire and motivate you to have a good day is essential for maintaining your mental health. That is why following these useful tips may come in handy when you feel like you’re having a rough period. Wake Up Early One of the best ways you can ensure to have […]

stay safe returning from parties

How to Stay Safe Returning from Parties in College

Right now, partying on and off campus is a bad idea, but as soon as current events die down, those who have been quarantining will be raring to get back onto the party scene.   However, the long period of social distancing and avoiding travel may mean that many students may practice risky behavior going […]

stay safe on campus

Easy Tips for Students to Stay Safe on Campus This Fall

With many students returning to campus this fall, it is a perfect time to review a few easy tips for students to stay safe on campus as they return to school for a new semester. Returning to school can already be difficult and intimidating for many and with the pandemic putting a quick to end […]

buying a home after college

Five Things to Consider When Buying a Home After College

Figuring out the right move after graduating can prove to be a very daunting task. You’re not expected to have everything planned to a T, nor should you. Although buying a home and settling down after college may seem enticing at first, there are a few things to consider before making the big move. Savings […]

bullet journaling

How Bullet Journaling Will Make You More Organized

College comes with responsibilities, schedules, and mandates that can’t be compromised. You are constantly given information and deadlines that you have to stick to. Failing to adhere to the information and instructions can lead to one failing a course or a school year. It’s important to follow all the mandates that are required to ensure […]

The Best Ways for Student Athletes To Avoid Injury

If you’re a student athlete, you’ve already learned that as you progress in your sport, the pressure to win gets more intense. Your school’s program focuses on its record, and not always the best interests of its players. So, it’s up to you to make sure you’re taking care of yourself. This is no small […]