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create lasting memories

Ways to Create Lasting Memories While in School

You’re making a major investment in your life when you enroll in college. Considering the financial cost and the time you’re spending — it makes sense you want something to show for it besides a degree. With so much importance riding on your success in school, it’s not the time for you to go wild. […]

essential school supplies

Essential Supplies for a Successful College Semester

You’ve made it through the fall semester, the holiday season, and the craziness that was 2020. With all that behind you, it’s time to tackle whatever 2021 brings. Whether you’re rounding out your freshman year or graduating this semester, the key to a great spring is great supplies. As you relax and unwind over winter […]

handle being deployed

How to Handle Being Deployed While Still Getting an Education

Did you know that United States military is better educated than the average American? More than 80 percent of military officers hold at least a bachelor’s degree, while just under 30 percent of the general population can say the same. With benefits like better pay and higher rank, it’s no surprise that so many men […]

mental illness and stress

How College Students Can Cope with Mental Illness and Stress

College students have always struggled with mental stress and anxiety. Graduating from high school, usually in a family-based setting, and transitioning to a college program, even if still living at home, requires major adjustments. Some students are not ready at first for the pressures of college and earning top grades to ensure a good job […]

jobs in the medical field

3 Jobs in The Medical Field You Didn’t Know Existed

Everyone knows about doctors and nurses, but there are so many more careers within the medical profession that are fairly unknown but are nevertheless exciting and rewarding professions to research and consider pursuing. Have a read of this article to find out about three jobs in the medical field that you probably didn’t know existed! […]

chronic illess as a student

Coping with Chronic Illness as a Student

Going off to college is one of life’s most exciting rites of passage. But it’s also a transition fraught with challenges, uncertainties, and anxieties. That’s true for college students the world over. But when you’re facing college while also managing a chronic illness, those fears and uncertainties can be especially great. But living with a […]

college decorating tips

Decorating Tips for Your College Apartment

There are few things more thrilling than the idea of your own apartment. You’re away from home, have a space that’s not attached to the school, and you can do whatever you want with your surroundings. It’s exciting, that is, until you realize that rugs are eighty dollars and having your own space is both […]

make your company attractive to new graduates

Workplace Culture: How to Make Your Company Attractive to New Graduates

Are you one of those employers that shy away from hiring recent graduates? If you’re, then you’re making the biggest mistake of your life. You may think new graduates lack relevant experience, work ethic, and communicative skills. However, they’re enthusiastic, driven, bright, and young, which, you’ll have to agree, makes up for their lack of […]

handle a traffic stop

How To Calmly Handle a Traffic Stop

Most drivers get pulled over by the police at least once in their life. Despite how common it is, a traffic stop can still be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you’ve never been pulled over before. A police stop is a serious circumstance, but it’s not the end of the world. If you know what […]