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benefits of doing community service

7 Benefits of Doing Community Service in College

There are many benefits to volunteering while you’re in college. It looks excellent on your resume, for one. But beyond that, it’s also good for the soul. Do you think you won’t have any time for community service during college? Even if you’re a double major, think again. You may change your tune after getting […]

how to create a productive study space

How To Create a Productive Study Space

Learning about a challenging subject matter is hard enough on its own. When you add an uncomfortable, distracting environment to the mix, the study process can seem nearly impossible. To make learning the information easier and help you get the grades you’re after, consider implementing these effective tips on how to create a productive study […]

how to make a strong first impression

How To Make a Strong First Impression on Anyone

A lot goes into just meeting someone for the first time. Whether it’s a simple glance across a courtyard or a full-on interview, encounters can easily shake our foundations. Fortunately, many practical methods reveal how to make a strong first impression on anyone. Employ Social Skills If you want to make a strong first impression, […]

prepare your teen for college

For Parents: 4 Ways to Help Prepare Your Teen for College

As the parent of a high school student, it may feel like time never slows down. Next thing you know, you’re watching your child walk across the stage and gearing up for an emotional send off. Preparing for college can be an overwhelming and emotional experience for both you and your teen. However, there are […]

wearing your graduation gown

The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Your Graduation Gown

Your graduation is an important day, and your institution may be more critical of your appearance than you may think. It is for this reason why you should make special considerations about your gown and ensure that it’s suitable to wear when you receive your diploma. Deviating from the requests and expectations of your high […]

how to afford a college apartment

How to Afford an Apartment in College: 7 Crucial Tips

When you’re in college, you want to have the entire college experience. You want to have the sporting events, parties, all-nighters studying, and friendships that last a lifetime. You might think that you have to live in a dorm to get the full college experience, or that it costs more to rent an apartment. That’s […]

common car-hits-bike scenario

The Most Common Car-Hits-Bike Scenarios

As more people come to appreciate the health and environmental benefits of bicycling, drivers are giving it at least some begrudging respect. But don’t assume this means cyclists are necessarily safer. Both drivers and cyclists need to remain alert to coexist. Watch out for the most common car-hits-bike scenarios so that you don’t become another […]

easy meals for college student

4 Easy Meals for Busy College Students

When you’re in college, the most important thing on your mind is graduating with great grades. After all, you want to get a great job and create a great life for yourself. However, when you’re in the trenches of late-night study sessions and long lectures, you still have to consider the fact that you need […]

attend rowan university

5 Good Reasons To Attend Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ

New Jersey — the Garden state, is not only well-known as the home of iconic crooners such as Frank Sinatra and Bruce Springsteen. But it’s also host to one of America’s greatest state research universities – Rowan University. Based in Glassboro, NJ, Rowan University is a Carnegie-classified national doctoral research institution. It’s also passionate about […]

what are the top online courses

What Are the Top Online Courses for Seniors?

If you are looking to start a second career, then you may be thinking about going back to school. Even though you might not be too keen on attending a traditional four-year college, the good news is that you can further your educational experience online. Of course, it is also important for you to think […]