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trick to surviving medical school

Survival Tips for Medical Students

As a medical student, people will either envy you or be glad they aren’t you. At times, you may view yourself in a similar light. But countless students before you have survived the ordeal that is medical school, and there is no reason that you won’t as well. It’s all a matter of finding the […]

build public speaking skills

How to Build Your Public Speaking Skills While in College

The ability to speak in public is a skill like any other to focus on in college. However, failing in public is a lot more distressing than failing in private. Fortunately there are innumerable ways to build your confidence in public talks or presentations. Whether you’re in between classes or in club meetings, look for […]

influence your college major

How Might the Pandemic Influence Your College Major?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has raised many questions for current and future college students, particularly when it comes to selecting a major. Choosing a major is a life-changing decision, and it needs to be taken seriously. As you consider college major options, let’s look at the pandemic’s impact on several professional fields. Public Health For […]

becoming a firefighter

3 Things To Know Before Becoming a Firefighter

A career as a firefighter is unlike any other. Firefighting is demanding and rewarding, combining a life of service with work that is high-stress and physically exhausting. After all, firefighters save lives and properties, respond to a wide range of emergencies and make medical calls. If you’re considering a career as a firefighter, there is […]

small campus

Why Attending a Small Campus Might Be Right for Your Educational Pursuits

Choosing a college involves the consideration of several factors, such as degrees offered, faculty credentials, and campus size. While some students can’t wait to join the throngs of students at larger campuses, a small campus can be extra supportive to new students in a variety of ways. Small Classes An average size college class might […]

tricks to successful arguments

Tricks to Successful Arguments

No matter what word you use—argument, altercation, disagreement, etc.—life is full of debates. You might debate with yourself if you should have a second piece of cake at the office, with your spouse about whether or not the car really does need to go to the shop, or with a colleague about the meaning of […]

ways to look cool on campus

4 Ways to Look Cool on Campus This Semester

Are you going to campus soon and wondering what to do to look cool this semester? There are many ways to look cool on your college campus, but remember to be yourself. After all, you are beautiful and amazing just how you are. Highlighted below are four tips to help you. Interact If there is […]

potential careers for future airline pilots

Potential Career Paths for Future Airline Pilots

Airline and commercial pilots operate various aircraft, including commercial airplanes, military helicopters, and private planes. Pilots must check the aircraft’s condition before every flight, monitor the plane’s weight balance, verify fuel supply, and weather conditions, and submit flight plans to air traffic control. And this is just the beginning of what pilots must do daily. […]