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prepare for midterm exams

How to Prepare for Midterm Exams

No matter where you are in your academic career, midterms can be a lot to handle. A week full of late nights, long study hours, and extraneous caffeine really takes its toll on you. Fortunately, midterm week doesn’t have to go this way—in fact, it shouldn’t. You can take care of yourself and your grades […]

college student safety tips

Safety Tips for New College Students

After months of anticipation, you’re finally on the college campus and it’s a lot of fun. But be careful; it’s easy to gain a false sense of security when you’re surrounded by your peers. After all, they’ll all be honest students just like you, won’t they? Not always. It’s important to bear in mind that […]

esl class

How ESL Class Helps Students Excel in All Areas at School

The United States had a record4.9 million studentsundertaking an English Language learners class in the fall of 2016. The number of language-learners continues to skyrocket in the United States as the country continues to open the gates of diversity. However, international students don’t always find the going easy in the quest to broaden their grasp […]

stay dorm healthy

Little Ways to Stay Healthy When Living in a Dorm

Living in a dorm can be equal parts exciting and exhausting. The thought of sharing a space with your closest friends is great, but living in close quarters can sometimes wear on you. Such an intimate living situation can not only take a toll on your mental wellness, but also significantly affect your physical health. […]

staying healthy in college

5 Important Tips for Staying Healthy in College

The sooner you incorporate healthy habits into your life, the higher chance you have of leading a lifelong healthy lifestyle. Sticking to healthy choices can be hard, especially in college—sometimes it’s easier to order takeout or to sleep in an hour longer and skip the workout. However, when you make the conscious decision to make […]

last semester of high school

Making the Most of Your Last Semester of High School

You’ve jumped through all the hoops, and you’re set to start college, a job, basic training, or a gap year experience in the fall. You still have to graduate first, and you’ll feel happier about your overall high school experience if you find ways to make the most of your last semester of high school. […]

college for free

3 Ways To Go to College for Free

Higher education often comes with a higher price tag than many students can afford. Annual tuition and fees can range from around $3000 for a community college to over $30 thousand for a four-year private college. While great achievements are possible with or without higher education, most sources agree that a college degree improves your […]

mental health

How to Care for Your Mental Health on Campus

Going to college is a significant feat, especially if you’re returning after a long break or starting for the first time as an adult. Sometimes you have to postpone things you want to do to care for your family, but regaining your drive is always a great thing. However, you may wonder how to manage […]

bringing your car to college

Pros and Cons of Bringing Your Car to College

One major decision you have to make before you head to college is whether you want to bring your car. You typically have an option unless your university doesn’t allow vehicles on campus for freshmen. Because you already have enough college-related decisions to make, we’ve made this one easy for you by coming up with […]