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Sunday Tip: Making Music

Pro Tools have become the industry standard for composers, musicians, and others in the recording industry. If you own any type of audio recording made in the past 15 or so years, chances are it was recorded and mixed using Pro Tools. So, what are Pro Tools, and how have they come to be so […]

Customer Service Can Make Or Break Customer Relationships

People deal with customer service agents daily; if you want your business to stand out, you need to guarantee that all of your employees consistently offer customers great service. The funny thing about customer service is that people generally only remember bad experiences. When they have a bad experience, they broadcast it to anyone that […]

7 Time-Management Tips for College Students

As a student one has to have certain skills in order to succeed in his or her own field; however, more importantly one has to know how to manage time effectively so as to ensure high productivity. So, how do you manage time as a student? Read the following post to know more If you […]

Careers and Cameras: Prospects and Salaries for Four Occupations

You are passionate with a camera and have a skill that can translate into a rewarding career. Although there are a preponderance of camera-equipped smart phones and digital cameras, not many people have the talent to capture photos the way that you do. For the picture-taking enthusiast, there are several career paths to take, with […]

Studying for the LSAT? 5 Reasons Why You’re Doing It Wrong

So you’re thinking about going to law school and now you’re trying to figure out how to tackle the LSAT. The LSAT, or Law School Admission Test, is administered four times a year for prospective law school attendees. A high score on the LSAT exam can make the difference between getting into your top choice […]

Tricks of the Trade (School): Six Well-Paying Skilled Labor Jobs

As today’s world becomes one where specialized skills are needed in the workplace, the demand for specific training in certain areas is greater than ever before. For students who choose not to attend a traditional college, there are many skilled labor positions offering high salaries and huge demand. Some may think that the only way […]

Business Economics Degree: Top Advantages

Pursuing a business economics degree can lead to work as an economist in the United States or abroad. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for economists was $91,860 per year in 2012 with most positions requiring candidates to have at least a master’s degree. Before you choose your graduate school, […]

Addressing Security Concerns In The New Educational Paradigms

The recent incident of Edward Snowden and the issue of data surveillance has led many to demand increased regulations within the internet ecosphere. Over the years, the internet has grown with virtually no checks and balances, and the popularization of social media has also led to widespread usage of online platforms in different industries, including […]