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How to Get Into Law School

You’ve excelled in your undergraduate studies, achieving dean’s list recognition semester after semester. Moreover, you are also a presidential scholar, one of a handful of students that is the top of his class. With such academic success behind you, getting into law school should be a no-brainer, right? Don’t count on it. Instead, you should […]

Tips On Choosing the Right College

Choosing which college to attend can be a daunting task; making the wrong decision could have huge financial and personal consequences. Choosing a college is a decision that will affect the rest of your life so don’t let emotions get the better of you. Here are a few tips to help you plan ahead: Make […]

Prep Yourself For A Pre-Med Experience

Once the new academic year starts to approach, the next intake of premedical undergraduate students have to prepare their medical school applications. Granted, it may seem like a long time before you have to worry about revising for the MCAT. However, there are some things that you can do now to facilitate your preparation at […]

How To Clear Your Head For Successful Studying

Every student wishes to get high scores in their term papers. However, with so much going on in college, it is not surprising that most students do not fare well. If you want to improve your grades, you need to take your studies seriously. Here are some effective studying tips that will help you improve […]

The Benefits Of Buying Your University Text Books Early

Returning college students who are gearing up for the next quarter well know the heavy toll that textbooks can take on a budget, and new students have heard all the horror stories. You should buy your textbooks early–no, not just to get it over with. One of the benefits of buying your college textbooks early […]

The Big Scheme

The modern game of recruitment has changed as a consequence of the economic recession. What many fear as the darkest hour to emerge as a graduate has been left damaged but not completely distraught as even with large cutbacks, firms have realized that curtailing graduate intake only lessens the skill in their companies. There has […]