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How to Figure the ROI of a Four Year College Degree

“Why do you want to go to college?” This is a question that most students ask themselves–and for some, the answer is difficult to find. Some teens are questioning whether attending a university is necessary, as they already work while in high school and plan to continue working throughout their adult lives. There are others […]

Is A College Education Still Worth the Cost?

Higher education, especially college, has been considered vital to the future of the younger generation for many years. But recently everyday news seems to say otherwise – “college loan rates have doubled up,” “college is expensive and not all people can afford it,” and “a college education is not paying off anymore.” This could mean […]

10 Things Top Cooking Schools Consider on an Application

Getting into a good culinary arts school is similar to applying for a good university; top cooking schools also have requirements and standards that need to met. If you are interested in a culinary career, you should be aware of some of the application conditions. Activities Like with most colleges and trade schools that have […]

Best Cities for Commuting & Travel

Best Cities for Commuting & Travel Commuting and travel back and forth from school and home can be a real pain, especially if you are a daily commuter student, but it is considerably worse in some cities. One would think that any major metropolitan area would be designed with commuters in mind, and although that […]

Back to the Basics: Long Distance Learning

There was once a time when many people used to be taught at home to save time and money (or because receiving an education was not readily made available). Although many people now physically go to campuses to learn more skills and get an education, not everyone can enjoy the luxury. Fortunately, for people that […]

How to Save Money on Textbooks

The price of a college education is rising every year. In fact, the average tuition cost for one year at a public university is now at $17,000, and that’s not including the many other expenses that students are expected to pay. As any college student should know by now, one of the biggest expenses they […]

Tips To Managing Your College Application Process

Senior year of high school starts out exciting and busy. You’ve put in so much work the previous years to get there, to that last year, and there’s so much to see and do, to create memories that will last forever. However, in the midst of all the fun, if you plan to go to […]

Most Pilots Were Once Dreamers Too

You’ve wanted to fly your whole life. Now you have the opportunity. You just need some direction. Fortunately, getting into flight school, and learning to fly for a commercial airline, isn’t as hard as it sounds. You’ll be expected to work hard, put in a lot of flight time, and pass a practical exam, but […]