Best Ways to Move Long Distances

best ways to move long distances

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  • Are you looking for the best ways to move cross country?

    Whether you’re making your first-ever long-distance move or want to ensure your next move is as smooth as possible, we have the best tips for you to ensure everything goes as planned.

    Typically, moving across the country isn’t an easy job. It needs you to do some research and take adequate time to prepare the move carefully to avoid disaster during shipment.

    As you plan, remember that moving a long-distance is different from a local move in many ways, so their preparation and cost varies significantly.

    Use these expert tips to avoid possible pitfalls during your long-distance move.

    Insure Your Stuff Properly

    Based on the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) statistics, only 20% of all movers have a claim filed, meaning a whopping 80% don’t. Moving is a big job with several potential risks.

    Many things can happen along the way over an extended distance, especially when they are being packed and unpacked by multiple individuals. Anything inappropriate can happen, so you want to get proper coverage. Federal law restricts a mover’s liability to $.60 for the basic moving protection.

    Analyze your situation and figure out if you will get complete coverage or purchase a basic plan. Determine your deductibles plus the total amount of insurance you are obtaining.

    However, if you are unsure what option is good for you, feel free to ask your movers to help explain how both policies work to help you make an informed decision.

    Book Your Long-Distance Move Earlier

    Long-distance moving is a bit more complicated than a local move, so you want to book it as far in advance as possible. Immediately you decide to move, you should start planning the pre-moving process.

    You should also start looking for a long-distance moving company as it will allow you to secure the best company and get better deals. Remember that you will limit your options and even pay more than you anticipated if you wait until the last minute.

    According to moving experts, planning a move six months earlier may help you save more than 25 percent. Additionally, the earlier you book your move, the more time you have to pack your stuff, get free moving suppliers, and even hold a garage sale.

    Purge Unnecessary Items

    If you’re like most Americans, you’ve probably accumulated a lot of items over the years, some of which you no longer need. Purging much of what you don’t need can actually lessen your stuff and even provide some money you can use to pay for your move.

    Plus, the more things you carry in the shipment truck, the higher the shipping costs. There are three primary ways you can purge unnecessary stuff – by selling, donating, or tossing.

    Things like books, mass items such as video games, DVDs, and CDs are easy to get rid of. You can sell them to online marketplaces like Facebook, Amazon, Craigslist, and eBay, or throw a yard sale. Vulnerable furniture, winter coats, blankets, and other unnecessary stuff are in demand by nonprofits.

    Pack Your Stuff for a Long-Distance Move

    Moving across the country means your belongings will be riding in the back of a truck over thousands of miles for a long time and handled by several individuals. That explains why you must pack your items for the long haul. Ensure every item is cushioned correctly in the box – each box should be filled so that it’s not loose.

    Consequently, before putting containers in boxes, make sure they are well sealed, keeping in mind your packages may be moved upside down and on either side during shipment. It would also help if you bought high-quality packaging boxes rather than cheap alternatives.

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    Don’t Pack Items you Will Need When You Arrive

    Essential stuff and personal documents like your passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, and SSN should be easily accessible. In some cases, you may need to use your bank statements or paycheck stub during your cross-country move, so don’t keep them in boxes.

    You will need most of these documents to get started once you get to your new destination as you wait for your shipment to arrive. You may need other things before your shipment arrives, including hygiene essentials, sleeping materials, clothes, and others.

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