Important Things To Do Before Moving Out

before moving out

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  • Whether you are moving to college for the first time or changing your home location for a new year, your college years can see you having to move out quite often.

    While moving comes with a lot of stressors on its own, here is our list of the most important things to do before moving out.

    Tally up Expenses

    Moving out comes with all sorts of new expenses. Whether that’s food, utilities, gas for your car, or unexpected repairs, you are going to want to know exactly how much money you are working with each month.

    By calculating how much extra cash you will have to spend after you take care of all the important bills, you can better understand the kind of lifestyle you will be living in college. Don’t end up being the person who can’t pay rent because they had too much late-night takeout.

    Purge Old and Unused Items

    One of the things that might surprise you as you get ready to leave is just how much stuff you have lying around. This can include clothes you never wear, childhood toys that you’ve outgrown, or even furniture that is past its prime.

    Having a plan for what you are going to do with these old items is important because you can’t take everything with you.

    To avoid a mountain of trash, consider donating to places like The Purple Heart Pickup organization that will use put those items to good use for people who need them more than you.

    Get in Touch With Roommates

    The likelihood is high that you will have several different roommates throughout your college career. Keep in mind how much time you will be spending around these people.

    If you have the option of choosing your roommate, that’s great. If the college assigns you a random roommate, this step is even more important.

    Talk to your new roommate, and coordinate who will be bringing what to the new living space. Try not to double up on things like small appliances or cleaning implements so they won’t take up too much space.

    Start Good Habits Now

    Moving into your own place can seem like a dream come true when it’s happening, but reality will set in quickly. Learning and practicing good living habits before you move out will ensure you don’t fall into common traps of living on your own.

    other valuable tips:

    Have a set sleep schedule and try to stick to it—your body will thank you for it. Learn how to clean your place now so that you won’t have to learn when you’re already living in filth. Track your expenses carefully so you won’t end up with empty pockets.

    These important things to do before moving out will prepare for the big day. Try not to worry too much—living on your own is part of life, and you’ll learn to enjoy it.

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