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  • There’s no arguing with the fact that college is expensive.

    The cost of higher education is a deterrent to thousands of students every year, keeping them from pursuing a degree they’d love to have.

    If you stand out in a field, such as a sport or a particular scholastic subject, you might be one of the few to get a free ride to the college of your choice.

    But most of us don’t fall in that category. We have to pay for the majority, or all of our educational expenses ourselves.

    However, knowing how to find scholarships can save you thousands of dollars toward college expenses. From textbook purchases to tuition, these seven powerful sites may be your ticket to affordable higher education!

    1. FastWeb

    FastWeb is one of the first places students go to search online for financial assistance.

    The creators designed it to focus on multiple ways to help you pay for college, from grants to jobs, including:

    1. Targeted searches for scholarships that you are eligible for. Depending on your skills, interest levels, hobbies, and overall strengths
    2. FAFSA and Financial Aid help. Answers to frequently asked questions, resources, and simple explanations to help you make hard choices about your college expenses
    3. The College Searches feature. Where anyone who is still undecided on their choice of school can look for colleges by major, tuition prices, and state
    4. Job opportunities for part-time jobs near your school that may interest you, powered by Monster

    FastWeb is user-friendly and comprehensive. If you’ve got a question, they’ve likely got it covered.

    2. CollegeBoard.org

    Intended to aid with SAT and ACT prep, collegeboard.org does so much more. They offer scholarship advice through their College Planning department. Many students become familiar with this site as they sign up and study for their SAT and ACT and come back to it for college expense help.

    The easy-to-navigate site starts by obtaining some basic info. This helps them inform you of personalized results rather than generalized information. From there, it explains how to apply for a grant or scholarship, which can be confusing for first-year students.

    Once you’re comfortable with what you’re looking for, you can move on to the section where it lists scholarship opportunities.

    Search for them via interests and hobbies or read over the list of available scholarships you can earn. Then apply right from their links!

    3. Chegg

    An authoritative all-in-one site for students, Chegg offers everything from tutoring to scholarship searches.

    Start your journey to get your college expenses covered with their scholarship search function. Once you choose any you’re interested in, Chegg has professional tutors available. For a fee, they will help you fill out the forms to maximize your chances of approval.

    Chegg also moves with you once you become a college student. The site offers discounted textbooks, test prep, and homework help.

    4. Scholarships.com

    At scholarships.com, the site does what it claims, offering almost $19 billion in scholarships for students every year.

    This is a vast resource for students who are unsure of where they fit when it comes to finding grants based on their skills. You can search nearly four million potential scholarships, of which you’ll find at least a few that interest you!

    Don’t worry about the hassle of reading through that many of them. Use the “match” function to get directed to scholarships that fit your unique skills and talents.

    If you haven’t decided where you’re going to school yet, that’s not a problem either! Their college search function can help you narrow down your options based on state, major, and price.

    5. Niche.com

    Niche.com is a little different than the other sites. It’s streamlined and easy to navigate. Letting you quickly see the most popular scholarships available right away, along with their deadlines.

    The search functions let you see what other scholarships are out there that you could be eligible for. The deadlines are clear and helpful tidbits for filling the application out for maximum results are available.

    You can also search for colleges that fit your requirements and see the ratings of those you’ve narrowed down to your favorites. Check out acceptance rates and tuition costs to help you decide.

    6. JLV College Counseling

    Started by an individual looking to help others, JLV College Counseling is an easy-to-use and frequently updated site. Because individuals rather than a company run it, it has a personalized feel to it.

    The web admins know that students, particularly first-years, have a lot of questions about going off to college. They offer plenty of down-to-earth blogs to help you find the perfect college and understand how to apply for grants and scholarships.

    When you’re ready, you can search for scholarships in a user-friendly format.

    7. Scholarship Monkey

    Head to scholarshipmonkey.com and create a profile for a personalized search. Once you do, the scholarships you are eligible for will come to you in your emails.

    If you’d prefer to search right then, you can use keywords to find the scholarship that fits you best. Or, scroll through the extensive list of available scholarships to see which ones catch your eye.

    The site frequently changes their awards and contests, so check back regularly!

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    When you have to pay for all your college expenses, it can be a scary concept.

    You’ve probably never had major bills before. Spending tens of thousands of dollars on your education — especially if you have to go into debt to do it — is overwhelming.

    But knowing where to look for scholarships and applying for as many as you can that fit allows you to make college an affordable experience.

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