Great Career Choices for People Who Like to Explore the World

great career choices

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  • One of the biggest misconceptions about people who are obsessed with their careers is the idea that they’re in it for the money.

    Sure, money is the most common motivator but there’s also the respect, the lifestyle and the feeling of self-fulfillment that comes from a successful career.

    Some careers even allow you to fulfill your other lifelong dreams like exploring the world or constantly testing your own creativity. With that in mind and without further ado, here are several great career choices for people who want to explore the world.

    TEFL teacher

    One of the best jobs for exploring the world is definitely becoming a TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) teacher. The reason why this is such a great idea is due to the fact that all you need is a TEFL certificate, which is far easier to obtain than some other job qualifications.

    You can even get it by attending virtual classes. TEFL teachers are in demand in a lot of countries and as a native speaker with a BA degree, you have a chance of being employed in the majority of regions. In other words, it’s a perfect storm of convenience and a chance to travel the globe.

    Working on a cruise ship

    For those who are resilient to seasickness and dream of visiting all the tropical areas of the world before they kick the bucket, there’s nothing quite like working on a cruise ship.

    The number of occupations available in this branch is quite lengthy, ranging from bartender and casino dealer, all the way to cook, lecturer and hairdresser.

    A lot of people dream of becoming a travel blogger but it’s questionable just how self-sustainable this lifestyle can become. While working on a cruiser, you can choose to part-time pursue this career, as well.

    Truck driving

    Ships are not everyone’s preferred form of travel. Why? Well, some people are extremely seasick, while others see them as unsafe. There is, however, a way to travel the world by other means.

    One of them is to drive a truck across the world. Truck drivers are always in demand and the occupation itself is fairly lucrative. You would, however, need to get some heavy vehicle driving training and certificate.

    If you’re not afraid of a bit of an investment, you can buy your own truck, thus becoming an owner-operator. Being a truck driver and an entrepreneur at the same time can be quite appealing.


    Becoming an expert linguist in one particular foreign language will open up so many travel opportunities in the nearest future. Some languages have a fairly large speaking populace and can take you all across the globe.

    Spanish-speaking world is vast and spreads across the globe. German-speaking world takes the majority of the European heartland. Even if it’s a single country, there’s something particularly rewarding about return visits or just visiting different areas of the same country.

    A professional athlete

    One of the most fulfilling occupations for those who are particularly active is to become a professional athlete. First of all, your competitions will help you explore your own local region and then take you abroad.

    International tournaments are an incredible opportunity for you to meet different cultures, mingle with people that you wouldn’t normally get a chance to meet and do all sorts of interesting things that you wouldn’t normally have an opportunity to do.

    The most important thing, however, is the fact that this lifestyle is hard and restricting. Binge eating and drinking are out of the question, as well as the majority of aspects of nightlife that you might be looking forward to.

    Travel guide

    If you want to turn traveling into a profession, there’s nothing quite like becoming a travel guide. Why? Well, because you get to take people from your own hometown and show them new and exciting locations. Still, finding this kind of employment is far from easy.

    other valuable tips:

    You need to look for local touristic agencies or even start one on your own. Also, keep in mind that (as a guide), you have a certain level of responsibility for the people that you take on the journey. In other words, it’s not all sunshine and roses in this industry, either.

    In conclusion

    In the end, not all of these jobs pay the same or even require the same commitment and working hours. While working on a cruiser or as a trucker, you won’t have the privilege of lingering too much in the same place. As a professional athlete, you’ll have to fit your touristic tendencies within your strict regimen.

    These are just some of the things you need to keep in mind before you decide to embark on either of these career paths. Still, for those who know what they’re getting into, each of the above-listed options can be quite rewarding.

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