Financial Food for Thought: The World’s Ten Most Coveted Jobs

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  • Although the financial climate is gradually improving and jobs are still quite hard to come by, why not take a break from the mundane just for a moment and see whether you fancy applying for one of these coveted jobs.

    Some people might even pay to work in these positions so here is a light hearted look at ten dream jobs that would certainly not require much motivation to get up for on a Monday morning.

    Chocolate Consultant

    There is a little doubt that chocolate is favourite for many and there really are jobs available where you could satisfy your cravings on a regular basis. Stockport jobs company Essential Personnel say that they have filled a number of vacancies related to chocolate and confectionary but they have been more related to selling the finished product rather than the tasting.

    In the same vein as being a wine taster, a chocolate consultant will develop an expert taste for the cocoa bean and help to devise ways of fulfilling the nation’s passion for chocolate.

    Beer Tasters

    Being able to consume six pints in one night down at your local is not exactly going to give you the right credentials for this job. Breweries look to hire technologists who can assess the quality and taste of beers that they are developing so you will have to have the right palate. When one local brewery advertised a position for a beer taster they got more than 250 applications so you are not alone in thinking this would be a good job to have.

    LEGO Sculptor

    There are some things that you did in your childhood that you can’t wait to do again even though you are now grown up, and playing with LEGO is one of those activities. If you have got children then you might be able to use that excuse every now and again, but there are jobs available where you can get to play all day and get paid for it.

    The company employs technicians who are based in their discovery centres, whose job it is to create sets and build models, but competition is fierce for the positions so you need to get plenty of practice in!

    Caretaker in Paradise

    The Queensland Tourist Board advertised this position in 2009 as “Officially the best job in the world” and the lucky successful applicant got paid an attractive salary to take on the role of caretaker on an island in the Great Barrier Reef. Swimming and exploring all day didn’t do his career prospects much harm either as the person who got the job, Ben Southall, went on to become Global Tourism Ambassador in Queensland.

    Shark Bait

    Well that would be a dead end job but the title of shark tank cleaner is a job that is available to the applicant who has good window cleaning skills and can swim quite fast if they need to.

    Professional Sleeper

    As we all know, falling asleep on the job is more than likely going to get you fired but not with this role. A professional sleeper is employed by universities and study groups to contribute to their research by being monitored while they sleep.

    Underwater Cook

    The official title of this job is submarine cook and if you don’t fancy spending your time in a steel pressure tube serving three meals a day then perhaps this is not the most coveted position. There are people who would consider that the relative peace and tranquillity and the generous pay on offer makes this a dream job if you have some cooking skills.


    We are not talking about just any old repo-man here. If you like stress and have a taste for adventure then you could apply for a position as an aeroplane repo-man, where you will be charged with the responsibility of overseeing the recovery of jets with high price tags and get a generous commission when you succeed.

    Ethical Hacker

    If computer skills are your thing and you understand how computer programs work then you could be rewarded for your knowledge by becoming an ethical hacker. This is a top job in the IT industry and at least you won’t get into trouble for breaking down the internet security of a company or government body.

    Bounty Hunter

    Unfortunately for some, this job is not associated with being a chocolate consultant, but involves tracking down people in the US who have skipped bail. The rewards are high and for adrenaline junkies this is probably one of the best jobs to have.

    Most of us will never even get close to having one of these jobs but it is fun thinking about them for a moment and seeing which one you would most like to go for if you ever got the chance.

    Steven Pearson is a job placement consultant. He enjoys passing on his ideas through blogging.

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