5 Signs That You Have Too Much Clutter

sign that you have too much clutter

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  • Most dorm rooms and college apartments don’t have a ton of space for you to work with.

    This can be a problem for those who have a tendency to be a bit of a packrat.

    There’s nothing wrong with having some extra sentimental stuff in your room, but there’s a limit to how much you can realistically hold onto.

    If you tend to collect a lot of things, you may not know the adverse effects it can have on you. Here are a few signs that you have too much clutter in your space.

    You Have a Problem With Losing Things

    If you’re someone who constantly seems to misplace things that they had just a second ago, you might have a different problem entirely. Losing things regularly is a sign that there is too much stuff cluttering up your space. You should really consider paring down your items a bit, especially if you’re losing things in a small dorm room or apartment.

    You Have a “Junk Drawer”

    It’s right there in the name; “Junk drawers” are never worth the effort it takes to keep them. If you have a drawer where you just throw everything you don’t know what to do with, it’s time to take that space back.

    Don’t waste precious storage space on things you won’t ever need or use. Grab a few tips for decluttering and get that drawer cleaned up right. You’ll be glad you have it when it comes time to actually utilize it for something useful.

    You Have Too Many Multiples

    A good sign that you have too much clutter is when you keep finding multiples of items you already have. Having extras of small things like highlighters or pencils is fine, but you don’t need a ton of multiple knives and forks, for example.

    Dorm living especially is all about only bringing what you truly need with you to conserve your space. Resist the urge to bring another thing back to your room that you know you already have multiples of.

    You Keep Thinking You Need More Storage

    Even if you’ve already bought a lot of storage items for your space, you keep thinking you need more. It’s a sign that you keep adding more things to your space that you don’t really need.

    Only allowing yourself enough storage to get by will help you refuse to bring more clutter into your dorm or apartment. More storage isn’t the answer to this problem—less clutter is the true solution.

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    You Have Trouble Focusing in Your Room

    Having too much clutter can have a real effect on your ability to focus on things while you’re among it. Your brain can only handle so many different sources of stimuli at one time.

    By studying or working in a cluttered space, you only make it more difficult on yourself. Keep your brain sharp and focused by at least decluttering the space where you work.

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