Space Saving Tips and De-cluttering of Your Dorm Room

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  • School is going on and there are many reasons why you would need to be well organized for a clearance job. Some of you may be used to having to share a small room with roommates, but for a lot of people being in college will mean having to leave your comfortable room at home and moving to something smaller than you’re used to. So what are you supposed to do with all your valuable possessions during that time? Well for starters you can’t leave at home as this will only mean you make things much harder on yourself in the long run. You can do a lot of good if you decide to handle the tasks with the following guidelines:

    Under the bed

    Sure you may find some pretty random belongings under your bed, pretty much never seeing them again if you handle it without any thought, but you simply cannot do the same while in college. You will need to learn to manage all your personal space in the most useful way you can find. To begin with you will need to measure the space under the bed, figuring out its dimensions so you won’t have to deal with clearance way too often. You can go to your local retail store and you will need to look for good plastic bins and tubs that would make storage a lot easier during your time in college. Any of the locations that offer retail products will be a good way to solve your issue. You can place a lot of your belongings inside these tubs, as this will allow you to handle sheets, towels, electronics and so much more, even first aid supplies.

    The space over your bed

    You can surely store some items over your bed without clearance. Using an over the bed shelf would be something you can make use of to a great deal. You can store your books, school supplies and so much more if you handle it with careful preparations in mind. It may not look amazingly attractive in terms of storage, but it will be a good way to store items safely and by saving much needed space. You can also decorate the space with some school memorabilia or even flowers if you feel like it.

    The closet space

    Your closet is one of the main locations where you will be placing your belongings, especially clothes, so you will need to cover as much room as you can in your closet. Chances are you will need a lot of clothes in the process, and then you will need a lot of clothes in the process. Don’t worry as there is much you can do to make it work. A good example of that would be the use of plastic drawers to make use of underwear, scarves, underwear and socks in the process. The variety that happens to be on wheels would be a good way to solve this so you can grab what you need quickly.

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