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Accident at College: What To Do?

College is supposed to be all about dreams, aspirations, fun times and new friends. Without doubt that makes up a vast majority of your college time, however just like everything else in life, college life has it’s up and downs. When we’re ready to set out to college all we can envisage is a blank […]

The State of Mental Health on College Campuses

Life at college is supposed to be the things dreams are made of. Ever since we’re old enough to walk, all we think about is escaping the confines of our restricted youth and setting ourselves free at university. Living alone, cooking our own food and finally fending for ourselves We get to harness our academic […]

Five Ways That a DUI Could Limit Your Career Options

Getting arrested or convicted for DUI, driving under the influence, is an eye-opening experience that may change the course of your life as well as that of those you love. In addition to the myriad of problems associated with such a charge, having a DUI on your record may affect current and future employment opportunities. […]

Boilers: Construction, Types and Safety Concerns

A boiler is a container for heating water and other fluids, but it does not necessarily boil them. North Americans use the term “furnace” for vessels that do not heat fluids to the boiling point. Heated water has various applications such as central heating, power generation, cooking and sanitation. Boiler Construction Most boilers have pressure […]

How To Save Money On All Your College Supplies

One thing is for certain. College is expensive. However, this isn’t only the case for tuition and room and board. College school supplies can also cost a pretty penny. This is why saving money where you can is important. Below is a short list of different ways you can save money on your college supplies. […]

Refreshed SAT Arrives in Spring 2016

The SAT test is about to change. Again. The College Board announced in March 2014 that the current test format would be changed with the new test arriving in Spring 2016. The College Board is also eyeing leveling the playing field, by making test preparation materials available to the Khan Academy. In turn, Khan would […]

The Seven Best Ways to Prepare for the ACT and SAT

Whether you’re about to take the SAT or ACT for the first time or have decided to retest for a better score, you’re probably devoting a lot of time to test-preparation and study. While performing well on the ACT or SAT does take a lot of time and dedication beforehand, there are a few simple […]

5 Must-Have Skills for 21st Century Teachers

Recent advances in technology have brought rapid change to many fields, and teaching is most definitely one of them. 21st century teachers have more options than ever to connect with students and facilitate learning, but they’ll need a new set of skills to do it. Today’s teachers need to be sensitive to the changing demographics […]