5 Tips To Study For Your USMLE Without Distractions

study for your USMLE

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  • The United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) is a three-part exam that prospective physicians must pass to practice medicine in the United States.

    The three sections of the USMLE test your knowledge about everything from the foundational science and principles of practicing medicine to your ability to implement that knowledge in a clinical setting.

    Preparing for this exam is stressful and time-consuming, but there are many strategies you can employ to make your study process more effective and efficient.

    Start Early

    Begin preparing for the USMLE early. Don’t wait until the last few weeks before the exam and try to cram. Instead, begin studying up to several months before your expected exam date.

    This approach allows you the opportunity to incorporate ongoing classroom instruction with your test preparations. Starting your study process earlier can also help you identify and address your areas of weakness.

    Having the additional time to study challenging concepts will allow you to complete the material’s complete command.

    Make a Study Plan

    Studying should be a deliberate process with a specific purpose. Don’t relegate your studying to the spare moments in your schedule. Instead, set aside specific blocks of time dedicated to exam preparation and treat those blocks of time as non-negotiable.

    To avoid becoming overwhelmed, make a list of each topic you need to study, paying particular attention to the subject matter you find difficult, and set a plan for which topics you plan to review each day. Doing this will allow you to study with a specific focus.

    Minimize distractions

    Minimizing distractions may seem like common sense, but in our hyper-connected, digital world, that is easier said than done. First, find a study space that is comfortable and quiet, and make sure you have all the materials you need for your study session.

    You don’t want the distraction of having to hunt down a pen or your textbooks in the middle of a study session. Then, switch your phone off and put it away someplace where you can’t even see it.

    Our phones are helpful tools, but when studying, they often become a mindless source of distraction. You’ll likely need your computer for learning, but it’s easy to be distracted by a social media notification or the urge to check your e-mail. So, eliminating notifications from computer apps will also help reduce the waste of your dedicated studying time.

    Seek Support

    Studying for such an important exam can make you feel isolated and overwhelmed. Find a study partner or group with which you can establish a regular meeting. Not only can regular study sessions with partners help keep you accountable and on track, but they can also help you identify areas where you need additional study.

    In addition to finding local study partners, online medical exam prep also provides an excellent opportunity for more professional, one on one guidance through the exam process. You’ll be able to connect with experienced and knowledgeable tutors who will be able to help you work through concepts and formulate strategies for taking and passing the exam.

    Rest and Self-Care

    Preparing for the USMLE is a stressful and often overwhelming endeavor. To avoid burnout, you need to take the time to take proper care of yourself. This means getting enough rest, exercise, and taking the time to eat a healthy diet to support your physical health.

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    Additionally, schedule breaks during your study sessions, and don’t skip them. As an example, you might set a timer and take a 15 or 20-minute break after every two-hour study session.

    Everyone has a unique study rhythm, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find a schedule that works best for you. Regardless of how you schedule your study breaks, take that time to step away from your study area and do something completely different.

    You could grab a snack, check-in on social media, or take a walk and stretch. Whatever you do during your break, creating that physical and mental separation between work and rest can help your mindset shift more quickly to whatever task you have ahead of you.

    Preparing for the USMLE is not an easy task for any aspiring physician, but implementing these strategies will help you feel less anxious and more prepared for your exams.

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