Medical Career Choices You Can Pursue After College

medical career choices

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  • Starting a college of medicine is both a thrilling and scary period in your life.

    You have the chance to learn everything about the human body, from cells to the skin.

    However, obtaining the knowledge needed for your future job is not everything you need to learn in college. Many colleges fail to provide a comprehensive knowledge of what you’ll be able to do with a medical degree.

    Many medical graduates don’t know that they don’t have to work in hospitals. There are various career paths that don’t involve work with the patients but can be done with a medical degree. 

    1. Health journalist

    Just like medicine, journalism is a vastly competitive field. There are thousands of journalists who have a degree in journalism, but no one is more proficient in medical journalism than you. This type of job is far from traditional medicine, which makes it more interesting to those with a creative side.

    Contrary to popular belief, not everyone can be a health journalist. Besides an extensive knowledge in medicine and drugs, individuals need to have strong communication and writing skills to be successful in this field. If you see yourself as a renowned health journalist, who is quick to report about the most important news in the field of medicine, this is the career path for you.

    2. The clinical forensic medical examiner or forensic pathologist

    Have forensics and medicine always been your passion, but you had to choose between those two careers? Don’t worry, you can still fulfill your dream by merging those two fields into a universal job and opt to work as a clinical forensic medical examiner or a forensic pathologist.

    What’s the difference? The main and most obvious difference is that clinical forensic medical examiner examines living people after an accident or a crime, while forensic pathologist works with human remains or bodies.

    Depending on whether you’re more comfortable working with people or examining dead bodies, choose your path carefully.

    3. Medical laboratory scientist

    Not everyone is keen on directly working with people. Some find more peace and happiness behind the protective goggles in the lab. If you’re one of them, becoming a medical laboratory scientist will be ideal for you.

    What kind of job is that? Medical laboratory scientists have a leading role in the comprehensive fields of the clinical laboratory. They bank blood and run various blood tests for immunology, hematology and many others. Their responsibilities also include checking the test accuracy and reporting the results to pathologists and other doctors.

    If you want to become a medical laboratory scientist, you need to prepare for new technologies in this field. So, make sure to start your preparation before you graduate.

    4. Doctor

    One of the most prominent career paths after graduating from the college of medicine is becoming a doctor. Many students on the medical journey dream about becoming a doctor; but what kind of doctor? Even if you choose this career, there are still many other specific options to choose from. You can become a GP or specialize in fields such as cardiology, pulmonology, neurology, etc.

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    The larger issue arises when it’s time to find a job. Hospital and private practices are crowded with different kinds of doctors, surgeons and GPs, which makes it almost impossible for the freshly graduated doctors to find a job.

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