How To Improve Your Appearance On a Video Call?

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  • A video call has become a normal norm with today’s generation.

    Whether it is an online meeting or chatting with friends on a video call, it is an indispensable part of our lives.

    We all prefer to meet our friends and family members face-to-face.

    Even most companies like having a physical meeting to discuss important things, but sometimes it is not possible. Especially, when your client is in another location. So, video calls are the next best option.

    When it comes to doing a video call, we can make a lot of mistakes. It is easy to click on the video call option and start chatting, but there are chances that you might screw it up. How? By not placing the camera or laptop at the right angle, or by not clearing the mess you have made in your house or office desk, and so on.

    These things and light are all important to make you look good while on a video call. As most people are working remotely as of now, you must take steps to ensure your appearance on a video conference call or meeting.

    Let’s check how

    • 1. A proper internet connection

      Appearance won’t matter if you keep glitching while talking to your manager. So, when you are aware that you have an important call, make sure your network connection is strong.

      You can either connect your laptop/desktop directly with an ethernet cable or if you are using Wi-Fi, make sure no one uses Netflix or any other streaming platform at that time.

    • 2. Proper lights are important

      Lighting is important when you are doing an important video call. Most people who are working from home have overhead lightning which creates shadow underneath your eyes. That’s not good, but you can make it work most of the time if you are calling your team or your family.

      But if you can, you should have better lightning sources like two lights behind your camera, and one on both your sides and one behind you. This type of lighting set is perfect for interview calls and having a meeting with your superior.

    • 3. Background is important

      A lot of times we get an impromptu video meeting invite. In such a time, it may be not possible to make the room or office tidy or get that huge pile of mess that is sitting behind you.

      The best alternative in this type of situation is to use the Canva app’s virtual zoom background feature. This feature lets you create a different background for your zoom meeting calls. So, you don’t have to be embarrassed by scattered toys or dust showing up on the call.

      Also, when you know you have a call, you can use this virtual background, but just, in case, clean out the area.

    • 4. Place the camera at the right angle

      The placement of the camera angle is important. If you are using a web camera, make sure it shows your face and not your head or so.

      When you are using an in-build camera, sometimes it can show only your face which is too close for comfort. So, mount your laptop a bit higher so that people can see you better.

    • 5. Be presentable

      It doesn’t matter whether you have a meeting with a higher-up that day or not, be presentable. Wear formal or at least fresh impressive clothes. Don’t just wear a good t-shirt or shirt and wear shorts below, you might have to stand up during the presentation, so wearing pants or jeans is crucial too.

      Also, comb your hair, make sure you don’t have anything in your teeth, and put on some make-up, and look great.

      It will make you feel better also, and the meeting will go great.

    other valuable tips:
    • 6. Remove distractions

      One of the worst things that can make you look unprofessional while having a meeting is distractions. Sure, no one would mind when your kid’s shout or the pet comes running in, as most people are in the same situation. But as a professional, you have to do better than this.

      You know the timings of your important calls, so put a do not disturb sign outside the door, ask your kids to be quiet at that time, give them something to keep them engaged. Lock the door, so the pets cannot come in, and if you can, use noise-cancellation headphones.

    • 7. Make eye-contact

      You should always make eye-contact with the person who you are in meeting with whether it is online or offline. That means preparing yourself before-hand for the meeting. Don’t look at your notes or quint at your screen, know the issues beforehand.

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