Resumes and Interviews: Preparing Yourself For Success

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  • No matter what kind of work you eventually get into, how well you put together your resume and how professional you are during interviews will make a ton of difference in your career path.

    People have different personalities.

    People have different job skills.

    People are more or less charismatic. People can be introverted or extroverted.

    There are a million different variables and characteristics that go into the hiring and firing processes. But no matter what traits you have, you need to be able to put together a good resume, and you need to understand the basics of how to interview.

    There are several different ways that you can approach getting better at these things. You can work through some interview preparation methodologies. You can spend some time looking at new or old styles of resume. You can make sure that you understand the importance of your online profiles. With those three ideas in mind, you can try to give yourself as much of a professional advantage as possible.

    Interview Prep

    When you prepare for an interview, you’re setting yourself up for success. If you go into an interview unprepared, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Interviews are not easy for anyone.

    Not everyone can naturally answer questions in a way that makes them look good. Ideally, you’ll have your friends and family put you through mock interviews dozens of times before you do the real thing.

    This way you can adjust the way you answer questions and some of the other habits and behaviors in a way that will showcase your positive side to potential employers.


    Creating a resume is something of a skill. You have to practice at it, and you have to know what some of the classic formats are that you can follow as templates.

    You should recognize that resumes 20 years ago are the same thing as resumes today. And you should realize that resumes today aren’t going to be what people expect five years from now. You have to be able to adapt with the times and create a compelling resource for potential employers to look over.

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    Online Profiles

    Along with the idea of having a great resume and being able to do a good interview, you also need to make sure that you regularly sterilize and sanitize your online profiles. Right after you have a meeting or right after you turn in a resume, one of the first things a potential employer is going to do is look at all of your online profiles.

    This means that you should only have things visible that you want your potential employers to see. Going back and erasing pieces of your past online that don’t put you in a positive light is an essential step in getting the job that you want.

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