How to Find the Best Career Straight Out of High School

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  • For many young people, the 5-10 years after graduating high school is a time of frequent career change.

    Although it’s perfectly normal to try out new things and drift from career to career, there’s a huge advantage that comes with getting into the right field at the very beginning of your working life.

    Here are four of the best ways to decide on the best career right out of high school so that you can focus on making the right career moves early.

    Think About Your Interests

    High school gives you a chance to explore different fields and interests, and this experience can be valuable in helping you choose a career field.

    Consider what classes or activities you most enjoy, then try to find a field that may be similar.

    If you love math and science classes, for instance, a career in engineering or medicine may be a good choice for you.

    You should also take your hobbies outside of the classroom into account, since these can often give you even more career ideas.

    Talk to Relatives and Family Friends About Their Careers

    For many young people just beginning their working lives, older relatives and family friends can be role models and mentors. Talk to the people around you and try to learn more about what their day-to-day jobs actually look like.

    You may find both a professional path that interests you and a person willing to help you break into your chosen field all at the same time.

    Take a Personality Test

    While a personality test won’t automatically tell you what you should do for a living, it will give you some idea of the types of work you’re best suited for.

    Consider taking a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, often abbreviated as MBTI. This test can help you discover the types of everyday work tasks you’ll find enjoyable, making it easier to narrow down potential career pathways.

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    Take Advantage of Job Shadowing Programs

    Many high schools and colleges offer job shadowing programs to students to help them find out about different careers. If you’re still in school, consider taking advantage of some job shadowing opportunities. Generally, shadowing lasts for one day and will give you some basic insight into what people in various professions do in the course of a typical business day.

    By putting these four ideas into action, you can narrow down your career options and select the best field for yourself right out of high school. While you may still choose to change your mind later on in your professional life, getting into a good career field you enjoy as early as possible will set you up for career success.

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