Popular Careers That Can Inspire Your Entrepreneurial Drive

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  • Everybody who works will specialise in a certain industry. There are those who may leave school and decide on their chosen career possibly through an apprenticeship where they attend college once a week to gain further knowledge for the job they have chosen. Others will know exactly what career they want and will go on to college and possibly university to gain a higher education for the career path they have selected. Whether choosing to study finance, management, accounting, construction, food studies, marketing or various other subjects, eventually you will go onto work for a company in your chosen profession.

    Whether studying further or going straight into employment you will join a firm where you will gain practical experience in the industry you have chosen. For those of us who have worked in the same field for many years, there are always those who decide to set up a business on their own and reap the rewards of all their hard work. Starting your own company is not an easy thing and there are many that fail. One thing that can help you greatly is your past career. There are many careers that can give you the multiple skills and knowledge required to set up and run your own company.


    Those who have had a career in finance, they will no doubt have a strong head for numbers and budgets. Managing your own business will require plenty of financial planning, budgeting, forecasting and managing your cash flow. Important financial decisions can make or break a business so a past career in finance could be great grounding for starting your own business. A great example is Wonga which was founded by a past banker who now has a company worth millions.


    For those who have worked in the business sector, the experience gained can be a real inspiration for starting your own business. Big corporations will provide great opportunities to gain important skills such as sales, marketing, management, PR and other core business skills. Working in the business industry can give you a real insight into what makes a successful company equipping you with the business acumen to start you own business.


    Sales are fundamental to any business and a past career in a sales department can give you the social skills to sell to your potential clients. If you have had a career in sales then you will have a lot of knowledge on how to market and sell products which is critical to any business.


    Getting new customers is vital to any business and marketing your products and services will be critical to achieving this. Whether knowledgeable in outbound marketing such as attending trade shows and providing marketing material or having an online marketing background and using your knowledge of SEO, social media and other online strategies that could be very useful if deciding to run you own business. Take online marketing for example, as all you really need is a computer and internet access, starting your own business could be relatively easy. A past career in marketing will give you the skills in creating brand awareness, using the right marketing channels and embracing constant change in the marketing channels that customers use to search research and buy your products.
    Whatever you’re chosen career, the skills you have learned and the knowledge you have gained throughout your past career could give you the inspiration to go it alone. Maybe you identified gaps in the market or you are confident that you could make it on your own. Even choosing a completely different field to start up your own business, a past career in sales, marketing, finance and business could help you succeed.

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    • Mike

      Useful article for those who may be tiring of their job and want to try something new or still haven’t decided on a career. Owning a company is no easy ride but the benefits far outweigh the negatives in my opinion.

      If you have a legitimate business idea then go for it, what’s holding you back? You’ll never know unless you take that initial leap of faith.

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