5 Steps to Help You Get into the Medical Field

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  • Healthcare administration, or the management of healthcare systems and networks, is a field that is expected to grow at least 9% in the upcoming years.

    There is a strong demand for certified professionals to keep medical records and facilities organized so that physicians and nurses are able to work at a more efficient pace.

    For those who are interested in working in the medical field, here are five steps to help you along the way.

    Join a School

    Make sure that you find a certified school that will provide a quality education in the medical field. Like any other occupation, employers will take into account the type of school you attend. Receiving a good and proper education is definitely an essential part in becoming a part of the medical field. It is kind of the first step.

    Get the Training You Need

    Do your research and find out what part of the medical field you want to specialize in. Many schools train people to become medical assistants, coders, billers, or medical records technicians. If you want a career where you will be able to validate medical records then you can take courses that teach you how to validate HCP/HCO records.


    Establishing connections with people already in the medical industry is important. Ask your teachers or mentors for a letter of recommendation. Potential employers want to hear about your strengths from other medical professionals. Interning or volunteering is a good way to network. Even just joining a healthcare association can gain the attention of people in the industry.

    Apply for work

    Once you have graduated and gained the credentials needed, it’s time to find work. A lack of experience will be your biggest challenge when applying for jobs. Remember to tell potential employers why you want to join the medical field, what your strengths are and how you would benefit their workplace.

    Gain Experience

    Once you accept a position, it’s now just a matter of working hard. You may end up in a busy large-scale hospital or a slow, small-time clinic, depending on where you live and what type of environment you thrive in. Expect to start in a entry-level position or even working in a low paying job. Once you demonstrate that you are qualified to work, your position should improve over time.

    Just getting your foot into the door will be one of the biggest challenges in the medical field. Most employers, particularly in the healthcare field, prefer candidates who already have experience. Although it can be very competitive in some areas, remember that healthcare administration is a growing field. Persistence should pay off.

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