Dorm Drags: Perks to Living off Campus your Freshman Year

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  • College is usually the time when you decide who you are and where you want to go in life.

    Gaining that self-assurance and confidence is important, but can be hard to do in a dorm.

    While saving money, time and getting closer to your classmates are all pros of living on campus, there are so many other benefits that can come from off-campus housing. Of course, there are important things to consider before signing the lease.


    The days of relying on your parents to cook and clean for you, do your laundry, or take care of your car are a thing of the past. Now you have only yourself to depend on when it comes to changing your sheets or even locking the door at night. While that all sounds fairly intimidating, it is important to understand the importance of being independent. It’s one of the ultimate goals for attending college, right?

    Delving into the world of independence will only make the next three years that much more tolerable. You will feel as if you are ahead of your classmates, and will have a better understanding of basic money and house management.

    Better Health

    The days of waiting for the guy in front of you to finish cooking his ramen so you can heat up your leftover fast-food burger are over. Living off campus brings you to your own stove and eliminates the excuses associated with poor college eating. This of course means managing your time and grocery budget better. Use the beginning of the week to do your shopping, and plan out your meals. Choose ingredients that can help you make a quick and healthy meal. You can even use weekends as cooking days so the rest of the week you only have to heat up what you made.

    Closer to the Good Stuff

    Living in your own place can bring you closer to the nightlife, fine dining, culture, and entertainment associated with your college town. There are usually tons of apartments for rent in downtown areas. While your classmates are taking the train or bus, you are walking right outside your door. Just don’t forget to lock up. Getting a Southern California Security Centers keypad lock installed is often a good investment if you plan to live in the center of a city and will be out at school most of the day.


    Sure, the people in your classes might be the future engineers of the world, but your neighbor might actually be one too. They can teach you things that textbooks cannot! Make friends with the locals and find out about the current job market where you live. Often your landlord or older neighbor will be able to tell you more about real working experience than your academic advisor.

    In conclusion, living off campus has its perks for the first year of college. It sets you up for success throughout your college career and for the rest of your life.

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