College Parties: Six Signs They May Become Dangerous And When You Should Leave

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  • Many students look forward to college as a time to choose a career, personally grow and make friends. College parties provide opportunities for students to meet new people, bond, and have fun. However, college parties often involve excessive drinking, illegal drugs and illicit behaviors. Continue reading to learn six warning signs that signify a college party is unsafe.

    Binge Drinking

    One of the primary purposes of college parties is to engage in binge drinking. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), up to 50 percent of college students binge drink. As a result, there are almost 2,000 deaths and 700,000 assaults every year. During college, students want to fit in and make friends. Peer pressure almost always accompanies binge drinking. College students that are pressured by peers to binge drink should refuse and if necessary, leave the party.

    Illegal Drugs

    Binge drinking is often accompanied by drug use. For example, marijuana is the most commonly abused drug among college students. Other students, while under the influence of alcohol, will experiment with other drugs. However, college students also mix energy drinks with alcohol, which produces both simultaneous stimulation and physical depression. This means that the caffeine and chemicals will increase the heart rate while the alcohol will also slow it down. This can result in mental and physical difficulties. It’s best to avoid any party where drugs are present.


    According to the Center for Disease Controls and Prevention (CDC), excessive consumption of alcohol will increase the likelihood of unintentional injuries, such as falls, burns and even drowning. In fact, the leading cause of car accidents is alcohol abuse. Many college students who attend parties often come with a group of friends. Any driver that consumes alcohol is a danger to everyone on the road. Students who drive themselves and drink may end up with a DUI, suspended license and hefty fine. To be sure, students should never get in a car with someone who has been drinking, even if they claim they are still fully cognizant and in control.  It’s important to talk to a DUI attorney in San Diego if you have been charged with a DUI. Leaving the party before people have had too much to drink can prevent many problems.


    According to Bloomberg, there is a national epidemic of fraternity hazings that result in binge drinking, injuries and even death. Hazing imitations typically involve humiliation, deprivation, vulgar behavior, physical abuse and even torture. Hazings that involve elaborate rituals can cause long-term emotional, psychological and physical harm. College parties sometimes involve simpler hazing rituals, such as binge drinking directly out of kegs. Any college party that involve peer pressure and hazing rituals should be avoided and reported to college authorities.

    Sexual Assault

    According to the Washington Post, one out of every five girls attending college will be sexually assaulted. Even worse, colleges reporting low sexual assault statistics may not indicate safety, but rather a culture of fear and silence. This is because many victims are either afraid or discouraged from reporting by college authorities. Unrestrained alcohol consumption will severely limit the student’s ability to make rational decisions and protect themselves. It’s important to go to parties with a group of friends and leave together, as well as limit alcohol.

    House Parties

    Many college parties occur in private residences. Sometimes these locations are off-campus housing and other times the homes are owned by the parents of a student. House parties, and even block parties, can involve hundreds of people. As the night progresses and more students drink, the collective behavior of the attendees can become wild, chaotic and appropriate. Social psychology research shows that as groups become larger, self-restraint and sense of anonymity increase. Therefore, large and uncontrolled parties should be avoided.

    To sum up, college parties are dangerous because of binge drinking, illegal drug use and hazings. While some college parties can be a great way to relax and get to know other students, it’s important to stay away from dangerous parties that could cause serious consequences for any attendee.

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