Creating a Career: What Jobs Might Take You Forward Faster

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  • To succeed in today’s job market, it takes innovative thinking and a willingness to try new things in order to stand out from the competition. Fortunately, for those who may be looking to embark on a new career or change careers within their current company, there are many paths you can take to fulfill all your career aspirations. 

    Physician Assistant

    For those wanting a great paying job in healthcare, being a physician assistant offers that and more. With average pay of $75,000 annually and requiring only two years of education, it’s an ideal fit for anyone who enjoys helping others. Many people who start out as volunteers at hospitals or on rescue squads as emergency medical technicians enter this field, use their volunteer experience to help create a successful career path. You can really go a lot of different directions with this kind of work.

    Create a Niche in Your Company

    Many people, while already employed at a company, find they would like to change roles, and move up the career ladder. A great example of this is a secretary who wants to move into a position as an account executive with a marketing firm. By offering to take on additional duties such as managing the company’s social media sites, helping to develop marketing videos, and lining up sponsors for a company fundraiser, workers will develop new skills that can be included on a resume when approaching the boss to discuss a new role within the company. Find ways to incorporate your experience and talents into a role you already have and use it to your career’s advantage.

    Express a Desire for Advancement

    Employees are often hesitant to express their desire to move up the career ladder, but for those who do, the results can be fantastic. Quite often, employers will pay for additional training for employees they value, and wish to keep around. This is frequently done in healthcare, where people who work in a dental clinic in Calgary, like C U Smile, as a dental assistant will often receive financial assistance in the form of tuition reimbursement to return to school to train as a dental hygienist. 

    Gain Credibility

    Some people choose to pursue self-employment, so during the transition stage from employee to boss, it’s important you begin to start building a high level of credibility. For example, a person wanting to start a personal training business can keep their current job while gaining clients, perhaps co-workers, which will allow them to build a solid reputation within their field and gain more clients before striking out alone.

    By being willing to take a risk and follow one’s dream, it’s quite possible to create a career that will take you forward much faster than you ever thought possible.

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