The Dangers of Overloading Your Car as You Move Out

dangers overloading car

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  • Moving out of your dorm may come as a sudden shock, whether you’re moving due to COVID-19’s spread or you’re otherwise unprepared to move.

    While it’s tempting to pack everything you had while on campus into your little four-door sedan and set off for home, this presents a real danger to you, your car, and any passengers you bring along for the ride.

    To better prepare to move out, read our guide to the dangers of overloading your car as you move out to know what can go wrong, as well as your alternatives.

    Your Visibility Drops & You Endanger Passengers

    An intuitive issue with packing too much is that you restrict the driver’s vision in doing so. When drivers cannot use their rearview mirrors, they lose one of their tools for determining what cars and obstacles are around them. In the process, their awareness of potential hazards goes down.

    Additionally, stuffing your car full of suitcases, furniture, food, and other things adds potentially harmful projectiles should you experience a collision.

    Really any quick change in your car’s speed could send loose objects inside flying, and you risk injuring a passenger in the process.

    Even worse, while flying objects can hurt people inside the car, this can also cause the driver to lose control and potentially crash.

    Your Car’s Brakes and Tires Wear Out

    Overpacking your car is also hard on the car’s suspension, brakes, and tires. Because there is more weight in the car, it takes longer to stop when you press the brake pedal. This lengthens your braking distance and leads to quicker wear on your brake pads.

    The longer brake time is significant because that, coupled with your impaired ability to change directions safely, lowers your car’s overall maneuverability. Plus, quicker wear on your brake pads means you’ll have to replace them sooner.

    There are several common causes of tire damage, one of which is overloading your car. This places more gravitational force on your tires and leads to quicker wear because the tire experiences more roadway friction.

    Though you want to get there and back without an issue, this friction can cause a flat or blown out tire, leaving you roadside and reliant on your spare.

    Gas Consumption Increases

    Another danger of overloading your car as you move out is the price you pay at the pump. Naturally, if you need to lug a heavier load to where you’re going, you’ll need more power to do so. Because your engine must work double-time, you’ll need to fill up on gas quicker and spend more money during the trip.

    other valuable tips:

    Store, Leave, or Split Up Your Stuff

    To limit these various risk factors, you have some options for your stuff. Check to see if your college has a system for storing furniture and boxes. This may not be the case if your college is closing unexpectedly, but it’s good to check.

    Also, you may need to make the hard decision to leave certain things. Determine what is necessary to transport back home and what you can do without. Finally, if you can enlist others’ help—maybe some family—they can split the load with you so no one overloads their car.

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