These Quick and Easy Dorm Meals Are Anything But Boring

easy dorm meals

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  • If you can’t bear another night of Ramen noodles and chocolate milk, you aren’t alone.

    Nearly every college student struggles to find quick and easy meals to make in their microwave or toaster.

    But cooking delicious feasts without a stove isn’t as hard as it sounds, especially with the right recipes in hand.

    So roll up your sleeves and grab your favorite coffee mug because the following recipes are definitely worth a try – they’re certainly better than Ramen!

    1. Blueberry Overnight Oats

    Meal prepping has never been easier with these blueberry overnight oats. This recipe is both healthy and quick and won’t make you late to class in the morning.

    Simply place some oats in a sealable jar, pour in your milk of choice and let the mixture sit overnight. Add a few mix-ins — this recipe uses blueberries — before and after you let the oats sit in your fridge. Then, simply pop open the jar and enjoy the next morning.

    view blueberry overnight oats

    2. Vanilla Yogurt and Berry Parfaits

    Another breakfast favorite, yogurt parfaits are just as easy as overnight oats, except you don’t have to wait to eat them. Simply layer some yogurt and fruit in a jar, sprinkle with granola and eat.

    If you want the best flavor combination, this recipe definitely delivers. Plus, it includes measurements for six parfaits. So you can make them on Sunday and have yogurt parfaits for the entire week!

    view vanilla yogurt and berry parfaits

    3. Mac in a Mug

    You’ve probably heard of making mac and cheese in a mug. I mean, how can you possibly go wrong with cheesy noodles? But this recipe might just contain the cheesiest combination ever.

    All you need is a microwave, a mug, a spoon and a few simple but insanely delicious ingredients to create a mac that’ll make your roommates drool. If you’re feeling healthy, or just extra fancy, add some herbs, spices or vegetables like broccoli or peppers.

    view mac in a mug

    4. Microwave Salmon

    If you don’t mind smelling a bit fishy, microwaved salmon is one of the most gourmet dishes you can possibly make in a dorm. Gather the ingredients, including sriracha sauce and mayonnaise, and place the salmon, topped with sauce and a few other ingredients, in the microwave.

    After a few minutes, check to make sure the salmon is cooked all the way through. Then garnish and serve with a squeeze of lemon.

    view microwave salmon

    5. Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

    Skip ordering take-out and make your own pizza right in your dorm. While pepperoni pizza rolls may not be as delicious as a deep-dish pizza, they work in a pinch, especially when all you have to work with is a microwave or toaster oven.

    Simply roll some cheese, pepperoni, sauce and additional toppings into a large flour tortilla. Place in the microwave and heat until the cheese melts. Then, slice into smaller rolls and serve with ranch, more sauce or garlic butter.

    view pepperoni pizza rolls

    6. Chicken Quesadillas

    If you’re having a craving for Mexican food at three in the morning but don’t want to drive to Taco Bell, these quesadillas might help satisfy you.

    Whip out your trusty flour tortillas again and stuff them with pre-cooked chicken strips, seasoning and a few other staple ingredients like peppers, onions or cheese and toss them in the microwave. Let your meal cool before cutting it into fourths and digging in.

    view chicken quesadellas

    7. Chickpea, Avocado and Feta Salad

    Salads may be the simplest meal to make in a dorm room. Just mix some chilled ingredients with some lettuce and dressing and chow down! But this particular salad takes things to the next level — and you won’t find a single leaf of lettuce in it.

    All you need are the three basic ingredients that give this salad its name, along with a few other essentials you likely already have hidden away in your fridge or spice cabinet. In five minutes, you’ll have a meal that tastes even better than it looks.

    view chickpea, avocado and feta salad

    8. Microwave Shakshuka

    Have breakfast for dinner with this delicious Israeli dish. While this recipe is pretty straightforward, there are a few tips you’ll want to follow — like piercing the egg yolk before microwaving it.

    This will prevent a messy egg-splosion in your microwave! Shakshuka is traditionally spicy so feel free to add extra red pepper flakes or even hot sauce to the marinara. Season with salt and pepper and enjoy!

    view microwave shakshuka

    other valuable tips:

    9. Parmesan Herb Spaghetti Squash

    Impress your friends by making this fresh, healthy meal — yep, you guessed it — in your microwave! If you have a big enough microwave to fit half a zucchini squash inside, you can make this recipe.

    With just 15 minutes and seven simple ingredients, you can have your own cheesy spaghetti squash. So grab a baking dish, your handy-dandy fork and a big appetite and get cooking!

    view parmesan herb spaghetti squash

    10. Chocolate Molten Lava Mug Cake 

    No meal is complete without dessert — and we saved the best for last. This Betty Crocker approved mug cake is no joke. Oozing with chocolaty goodness and topped with whipped cream, this recipe may just be the greatest mug cake out there.

    So grab some cake mix, your favorite chocolate bars and pop the mixture into the microwave. In just two minutes, you’ll have a restaurant-worthy dessert that your entire hall will be asking you to make for the remainder of the semester.

    view chocolate molten lava mug cake

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