How to Create a Strong Conclusion For Your Essay

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  • Honing their essay writing skills is something that every student has to do. That includes knowing how to create a strong concluding paragraph. It is vital that you use it to make a positive impression.

    If you are at all unsure how to conclude an essay in an effective way, just read on. Below, we share with you several approaches you could take. All of which will greatly improve your chances of getting a good mark.

    Make a strong impact

    When writing your concluding paragraph, you need to bear in mind what you are trying to achieve. Your main aim is to make an impact. Choosing your language carefully will help you to do that.

    Draw together the points you have already made

    It should also summarize the main points made in your article.  But, it needs to be brief and draw everything together. Ideally, this part of your concluding paragraph should not be more than 3 or 4 sentences long. So, be sure to use your strongest arguments here.

    Demonstrate why what you have written is relevant

    You also need to make sure that it highlights why your arguments are relevant to wider society. Giving the person a good reason to care about what you have written will make it more likely they will be motivated to give you a good mark.

    But, you should resist the temptation to share new arguments at this stage in your document. If you do, your conclusion will end up being too long. Meaning that there is no way that you can make your argument strongly enough.

    Use your concluding paragraph to pose important questions

    Posing a new question helps to draw the reader in and make them think. It also reinforces the idea that what you have written is important.

    Avoid using concluding phrases

    It is best not to use phrases like “In conclusion..” or “To sum up..”. They just make your last paragraph sound trite. You need to start your last paragraph with a transition sentence as you would start any other sentence in your essay.

    Do not try to preempt what your reader will think

    An awful lot of people fall into the trap of trying to preempt the criticisms the reader may have. Using apologetic phrases like “There are good arguments on both sides” is not a good idea. They only weaken the impact of what you have just said in your essay.

    other valuable tips:

    Of course, you should cover alternative arguments in your essay. But, only in the body of your essay. In your concluding paragraph, your aim is to make it clear where you stand on the issue. Ideally, you will do so in a way that convinces the marker that you have a strong case.

    More essay writing tips

    If you want to learn more about writing an essay from start to finish this writing center is a particularly good resource. It is provided by Harvard University, so you know that you can trust what you will read there.

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